Would like the ability to add a Rule’s App ID to a notification

Does someone know of a way to add a Rule’s App ID to a variable so that it may be used inside a notification?

I have quite a few rules, and sometimes I will want to make a change to one of them, but finding the right one can be problematic. It would be nice if I could append the rule’s APP ID to the message, making it easier to identify.

I can't think of any automated way, but since the notification has to be sent from the rule itself, you could just manually append the app ID (which should be easily visible in your browser address bar when you're editing). Just don't forget to check if you ever clone. :slight_smile:

An alternative: go to the device detail page for your notification device, open "Events," and look at command (not event) history. You'll find the app, whether a rule or something else, that called the command there.


I would put the app ID in a rule local variable, which would let you interpolate it like other values, and maybe make it stand out more if you clone the rule.


You know, doing this manually never even crossed my mind…

It would be nice if there was a property that would allow this to be automated. Unfortunately, none that I can see:

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