Would like custom Alexa app keywords

I have a working hubitat elevation with Amazon Echo app. Everything works fine, I have created various groups and scenes that are shared with the Echo app, so "Alexa bedroom lights on" and "Alexa office lights 50" work, but the one I just created bugs me.

I created the scene "bedtime" which has our office and den lights off, and bedroom lights on at 40 brightness. When I say "Alexa bedtime on" it activates that scene. It's the "on" that bugs me. I'd love to make it possible so I (or my non-techie wife) can just say "Alexa bedtime" and activate that scene.

It seems the echo app treats scenes and groups as virtual devices that must be turned either on or off to use them.

Look at Alexa Custom Routines. You can define a phrase to run the routine. So the Alexa trigger becomes:

When you say Alexa Bed Time



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