Would appreciate ideas on why this RL instance has become flaky

I have had a Room Lighting instance for my garage that has worked for several months with no issues. I have not touched the rule or changed anything , but all of a sudden about 50% of the time It will not turn off the lights like it is supposed to.
Here is the set up. A Zooz ZEN 74 controls the main overhead light. A Honeywell outlet controls the two sets of shop lights.
There are:
1 Zooz Zse 18 (700 series),
3 Ring Gen 2 motion sensors.
1 Zooz ZSE 41 door sensor on the door from the laundry room to the garage.
1 EcoLink Tilt sensor on the garage door. There are no automations to open or close the door with habitat

The purpose of the rule is If any door opens, or any motion is detected , the Overhead lights and the shop lights turn on and stay on Unti all doors are closed, and motion has stopped. After 10 minutes of no motion and all doors closed, the lights are to shut off. This worked reliably for MONTHS but all of a sudden in the last week of so I'm randomly catching the lights not being shut off.

An aside, I do also still occasionally run into instances where a door will be open, and it still turns off the lights. Any ideas how to change that?

RL Rule


Thank you in advance for any and everyone who can help me with this.