Works with Google (Works with Nest replacment)

OK, it has been over 6 months since there has been anything on the web or on this site regarding the promised replacement for Works with Nest. The last word I heard was that a third party API program would be available in second half of 2020. Has anybody heard anything recently with updates? Is there anyone at Hubitat following this progress? What can anyone share?


I asked this question a few weeks ago and the below link was shared. Seems they’re shooting for early 4th quarter.

Mike, Yes, this was posted here and elsewhere last October actually. I was more just looking for any updates regarding this and whether any Hubitat folks have been in closer contact with them regarding progress toward this goal.

I do appreciate the response.


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Anything good come out of the smart home event yesterday? I can hardly find mention of it from the usual sources.

probably because today is the 8th, not yesterday :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow! guess I spent to many days on vacation.


Can you tell us if anyone from Hubitat is attending this session with Google and if they might report what they learned and how it ”might” impact HE?


For those interested, the event is streaming on YouTube, starting at 1PM EST:

We will be watching closely what's coming up for the Google Smart Home.


Did anyone listen to this. I was on a marathon conference call.


I did but not being a developer all I got out of it was that individuals will have access to the Device Access Program some time this year, which we already new.

I bet they just ruin 3rd party integrations

Nothing of substance came out from Day 1 of the summit. More promises, but nothing concretely has been delivered. Android 11, when it comes out, will bring some smart home features.