Working on dashboard/control app made from react-native. looking for pointers

As the title says I have a project I have started for controlling a dashboard via a native app and something that looks better than the standard "square tiles interface". I also intend to tie in third party cameras (unifi mainly) as available "tiles". Anyways with all the devices that Hubitat supports, I was wondering how others have dwindled down what to support. I know all devices have their capabilities array and different types like "switch" arrays. My initial thoughts are just limit support to what I want and work like the default and let a user select a device and how to control it (ie light with dimming or switch etc as long as it has the capabilities needed). There are some oddities like my hue lights return different currentvalues then switches but I can work around this.

I am using the MakerAPI as a way of accessing/controlling HE.

It seems at initial glance to bypass supporting "everything" HE supports as with all the equipment supported and custom drivers seems never ending. More of limiting the "type" of devices I will support as long as it has x and y capabilites (ie on/off).

Curious what others have done.