Work with manual control vs rule

Sorry this has probably been answered somewhere but I cant figure out the search terms.

I have a rule which closes my curtains if the temp outside gets too high during the day, then opens again once its dropped or it gets to later in the day.

However sometimes when watching TV during the day, I'd like to be able to close the curtains myself (normally using Alexa or just a dashboard) regardless of the weather etc.

However the rule will see the temp outside starts dipping below my minimum (or it reaches my time), it will open the curtain....but I don't want it too as I've manually said to close the curtains.

This is my rule:

I know I could create a switch to pause the rule, just wondering if there was some sort of "If manually closed" as an IF statement.



If you have a virtual switch where ON is "I want them closed" (and then closes the curtains) and OFF is "Automate them", then use it as a predicate for the automation rule? Have the switch automatically turn off at bedtime so it will be back to automatic by the morning? Something like that. When you turn the switch off, it will need to check the temperature and get the curtains into the right state as by then they will have missed their trigger.