Woohoo! Working Water Sensor!

Excellent - that would be enough to make things much simpler.

Think I could splice in some wire to extend it? Just simple voltage change signal on the wire, right?

I don't see why not.... You'd obviously have to play with it..

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Sorry for the barrage...this will work w/out any special repeater requirements, right? I'm hoping this Isn't like the Aqara where you have to worry about things like that.

Nope, been solid on my mesh and I don't use anything special

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Thanks!! Three on the way. :smiley:

The driver is published now in this Hubitat community thread:


My three arrive tomorrow!

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Brilliant idea for any relatively new fathers/mothers in the HE community. Sew battery end of sensor into back of child's shirt (or maybe into a small vest they can wear over their clothes), run the sensor down into the underwear.

VOILA, you have a mobile potty-pants detector. :smiley:

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With disposable sensors? :slight_smile:


Not sure this would work unless taped to the urethra as either diaper, pull-up, or underwear would absorb it on contact.

So just as a warning to all - I ordered three of these on Walmart. Package arrived today and I received below - 2 of the ordered sensors, and a third "Moes" leak detector that I didn't order/don't want/need, as I only need wired sensors at this point. More on the Moes sensor here:


I've messaged the seller ("Fancy Style") via Walmart's system and said they need to ship the third sensor, or promptly refund the cost of one of the sensors. Will see how they respond.

What I received: Two as expected, and the one "Moes" that was unexpected/not wanted.

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Does it even come with the pigtail? Does it pair and work (just curious)

The Neo is standalone, no pigtail or place to add one. It looks like this one on the driver thread that @kkossev created:

Question about the Neo...how do you open it to look inside? I don't see an obvious way to open it up, or to start the pairing process. Is the orange strip supposed to be removed?

@danabw @Sebastien The ones I order come with the cradle and pigtail

Yes, that's what I have for two of them...example below:

But how do you open the puck to press the reset button inside, and change the battery? Don't want to force it and don't see an obvious way to open the puck up.

Turn the top and bottom in opposite directions (counter clockwise)

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OK, thanks. Tried that and it didn't open as easily as I expected and didn't want to force it. I'll go give it more muscle (such as I have). :wink:


Worked! :smiley: Big reset button in the lower right corner.

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Install @kkossev's driver from HPM first before you pair

Yeah, had it installed, results below:

To get it in pairing mode seemed like I had to hold the reset button for 5s or so after the puck booted up (made loud beeping during startup).

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I test by dipping sensor in cup of water

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