Woke up to hubitat! Thank you!

Thursday night I woke up at 10:54 PM to a TTS alert informing me that water was detected in my basement and the water had been shut off. Upon investigation it turned out the garden irrigation had been left on and water was seeping through the basement window.

The mess was small to cleanup and I was back to bed in no time. Had I not had Hubitat, I would have had quite the mess to clean up in the morning.

A huge thanks to the Hubitat Team for a well designed product.



100% with you. Water damage can be horrible and expensive to fix. I have 8 water sensors around my (small) house. When the Aqara T1 sensors come out, I'm getting more.

The WAF just shot up to an all time high. Best return on investment too!

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I'll bite....WAF??

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Wife acceptance factor


Got it. I have the same issue.
If I could figure out the digital keypad for HSM she would probably even like home automation.

Have you tried a tablet displaying your dashboard with a pin required for HSM or mode changes on the dashboard properties?

Actually had a similar (albeit far less serious) success story with a leak sensor last week. Had our furnace flue re-lined, and the guys must have accidentally bumped the condensate drain pipe which came apart and started to make a big puddle under the water heater. Leak sensor detected it, turned off the water main, AC, water heater (heat pump so has condensate), and dehumidifier and I was able to fix it immediately.


this sounds great. i'm thinking of getting the t1 sensors as well. I have a small house, but will likelt put some under the dishwasher and washer perhaps. where else do you keep them? (I have no basement).

i have irrigation outside would like to track issues there, but rain would just set these off

What leak detection sensors are y'all using?

I use the latest samsung sensors, I like them, they have contacts at the top and the bottom of the sensor.


I use these as well. They have worked well in all my testing and of course when it counted most they came through.

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