Woke up this morning and almost fell down the stairs!

Upgraded my C-7 to .128 last night and all was good for several hours before retiring for the night. This morning the stair lights did not come on via the motion sensors that turn them on. Could not dis arm hsm and when I got to my pc the hub was at the getting started screen. After changing my undies I did a restore from before the update to .128. That was the longest 3 minutes of booting but all seems to be back and working. Really confused on what caused this but Hubitat needs to allow for at least one cup of coffee before pulling this.

Me too


I sincerely appreciate the intrepid souls that charge in and expose prospective issues with new firmware. I am not sure that I remember how to manually operate most of the switches in our house.

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Hmmm, I would suggest that you relocate the coffee maker to an upstairs location to ensure that you can be wide awake before almost falling down the stairs. :laughing:

updated yesterday and other than an my nanoleaf coming on at 3 am a pretty normal night.

Be thankful you don't have a cat that likes to sleep across the stairs.

The other part of that is my other primary hub I also update and it was fine. Have not updated the other 8 yet. I think that I will wait until tomorrow until I do them to give me the weekend to fix any issues that hopefully will not arise.

@gopher.ny - FYI