WLED Integration / Drivers

Revisiting this thread after some time, needed to make a minor fixes anyway, so I added the setEffectCustom function for use with WebCORE. Thanks for looking into that. Technically it works with setEffect and passing only a single parameter but you won't be able to control the other settings (speed, intensity, palette).

Updated code in the github repo.

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Fantastic! Cheers!

I was looking at the Hypercubes after seeing them on Paul Hibbert's tech channel. Pretty nice looking, so I reached out. It turns out that these support WLED so it should be possible to integrate them readily with Hubitat.

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Since their app is practically a dead-ringer for WLED, that is not surprising:

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I am actually not that familiar with WLED. When I made my own WS2812-based lights a couple years ago I wrote my own code for it and created my own Hubitat drivers. They work well for the Christmas lights I made them as.

Anyways, my HyperCube arrived so I wrote a driver for it. I tried one of the WLED drivers I found on the forum but it was a bit old and most things did not quite work. So I just pulled up the WLED docs, found out about the JSON API, and then just reworked one of my other drivers for it instead last night. Considering I have a bunch of API drivers and it is so simple... it was pretty easy to do.

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Any idea why I'm seeing this error? It seems to appear every minute.
I'm using an ESP 8266 running WLED version 0.13.3

Thanks in advance.

dev:332023-05-17 13:15:00.242errorjava.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property 'on' on null object on line 156 (method parseResp)
dev:332023-05-17 13:15:00.232debugSynchronizing status: null}
dev:332023-05-17 13:15:00.228debug[bri:255, lor:0, mainseg:0, nl:[dur:60, mode:1, on:false, rem:-1, tbri:0], on: false, pl:-1, ps:-1, seg:[[bri:255, cct:127, col:[[255, 221, 172], [0, 0, 0], [0, 0, 0]], frz:false, fx:0, grp:1, id:0, ix:128, len:68, mi:false, of:0, on:true, pal:0, rev:false, sel:true, spc:0, start:0, stop:68, sx:128]], transition:7, udpn:[recv:true, send: false]]

I'm having some problems with Hubitat's color picker popup.
Installed and configured the WLED driver no problem, and the commands all work perfectly from the devices page, but the trouble is on the dashboard. When I adjust the color (on the dashboard) it works great while I'm making the adjustment, however, the moment I close Hubitat's color selector popup, Hubitat sends 255,255,255 (white) to the WLED driver.

Here is the Log where I set the color:
dev:122024-01-07 11:14:33.809 PMdebugSetting RGB Color to [53,25,229]

And here is what happens when I close the color selector popup:
dev:122024-01-07 11:14:36.960 PMdebugSetting RGB Color to [255,255,255]

I'm running WLED 0.14.0 and Hubitat

Thank you for any advice,