Wled fury

Bit of background.... I'm a huge fan of making smart tech appear dumb to allow the mother-in-law etc to be able to use the heating and to maintain waf.

Here's a rough mockup of the central heating controls which consist of a double back-box, buttons and a handful of wled-controlled lights.

Here's my dashboard version of the physical:

The lights show the status of each room I. E is the schedule for this room enabled, is the rad heating, is there a temporary boost running.

For days now I've noticed the lights on the physical panel would switch off. No idea why. Q a stack of trouble-shooting fearing a psu intermittent problem. Absolutely lost.

Turns out it's actually a setting in wled which is enard by default, loading a zero preset on certain hours. In my case, this switched all the lights off.

These settings were all enabled by default, all times being "0". I unchecked them.i don't even have a preset 0. But if I did why would I want it reloading to default values so many times a day?

Problem solved


On another note, @josh, sharptools is ace. Please bring this to hubitat direct, with local control. :grin:


Problem not solved.


Still randomly switching off.


Really neat approach using custom uploaded icons in a SharpTools.io SuperTile to achieve this look! :star_struck:

Thanks, man. It's a fantastic product. Kudos.