Withings Sleep Pads

Exactly my set up too. And agreed!

However, the only issue I have is triggering lights when one of us gets out of bed during the night. The motion sensors first look to see if anyone or both of us is in bed before turning on the light on motion (just at a dim level if one of us is still in bed). Since it takes a few seconds for the pad to respond via IFTTT, it's not ideal for turning the lights on because the motion triggers but the pad still thinks we are in bed. I think the solution is to put an additional motion sensor or two under the bed to trigger when getting out of bed, and have that turn on the lights irrespective of whether the pads think we are still in bed. But if a direct/local integration could be made with HE that triggers more quickly, then that would be perfect and probably avoid having to use the additional sensors.

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There's integration for ST

However after following the confusing instructions and getting it working, the data isn't passed along in real time. You need to refresh in order to get the data. Although running a refresh on a schedule (say once a minute or so) could be a workaround.

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Interesting. Thanks for that link!