Withings Sleep Pads

Trying to think of a couple Christmas gift ideas and was looking at the Withings Sleep Pad. I saw a bunch of people on here saying there was no direct integration but I see https://developer.withings.com/ has anyone looked at this? It seems to be able to detect when you get in/out of bed sleep quality, etc. If I have to use IFTTT I'm not interested but this API is intriguing.

I've used the Withings API before. At the time they did not provide the Sleep Mat Notify in the API abilities. However after looking just now I see they have updated the API to include the Bed In / Out in their Notify API.

This means it would be possible to subscribe to those notifications and get alerts/actions based on the in/out event if an app was developed to accept those events.

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I was a stupid American, their API says it's been available since 01/10/2019 then I realized that was October 1st not January 10th, so it's a pretty new addition.

Only question is do I want to go and build another integration...

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That is up to you :slight_smile: I'm going to let the new owner of the HomeSeer plugin know and then I'm going to add it to the ISY Polyglot Nodeserver :slight_smile:

All I can say is I have 2 of these and they are really excellent. Very reliable notification of in/out of bed and great analysis of sleep patterns. I use IFTTT to drive lights and it takes around 3-5 seconds to respond back into HE, so not ideal but very reliable. A local integration for this (but without losing the cloud based sleep analysis) would be awesome.

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Using the API is still cloud based (not local). But it does remove the IFTTT layer which tends to be the slowest component.


You shouldn’t have told me about these lol. Now I need to buy a couple. If someone beats be to writing an integration — awesome — but if it’s not done in a couple months I might prioritize buying a couple of these and working on something.

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You better buy fast. They are on sale 2 x for $139 which is a good discount considering they are normally $99 each!

I’m not seeing this—mind sharing a link?

Edit: found it. It’s a tab on their site that takes 30% off.

Here's the 2 pack special

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Cool. Looking forward to potentially seeing an integration in the future!

Wow they're proud of those.

Darn. Missed this deal😞

I’ve been following them on camelCamelCamel, and they go down to $70-$80 every now on them on Amazon. I haven’t bought one yet, but will in the next few months.


I've had one for a while and use the IFTTT integration. Most of the time it has no issue, but I'm not using it for any low-latency applications (e.g. turning a light on when I get out of bed).

I use it mainly to control my Morning / Night mode switches. I have a virtual switch set up that turns on and off when I get into or out of bed. At night, it waits for that switch to be on for 5 minutes, then changes the mode to Night. In the morning, it waits for the switch to be off for 2 minutes then changes the mode to Morning.

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I've got one of these as well and never really thought to look into integrating it. I've only ever used it to track sleep (which is does surprisingly well).