Withings sleep pad


Anyone know anything about this? Any integration experience? It has IFTTT connection but we all know how w@nk that will be... :sleeping:


There is an integration for Smartthings. So, in theory, you should be able to port the App and driver over to HE.


Well spotted. Thanks. It's likely beyond me to do this but will take a look as I get more experience with HE. I also noticed the most useful feature (flagging when going to bed and when getting up) seem to not be supported. Yet is in the IFTTT integration :rage:


I am doing exactly this. I have created a virtual switch called Sleep Switch, and have IFTTT turn this switch on and off based on the withings sleep sensor. I then have a RM entry to set my Morning mode when I get up in the morning, and a corresponding RM entry to set Night mode when I go to bed. Here's the morning one for example:

Edit: And I realize it's using IFTTT, but it's been generally working ok for me. It sometimes has problems, but that's why I have a time-based morning/night mode change set up, in case IFTTT fails to work.


Just to update, I bought 2. They are really great. The Health Mate app is actually quite cool, tracks snoring, REM, deep sleep etc. And the IFTTT in/out bed works quite reliably. Pleased, even if a bit expensive. Now I have good morning and sleep tight messages etc :smile:

(a direct interface would also be nice :wink:)