[Withdrawn] Yamaha Network Receivers Basic Integration

oh no rush! just wanted to make sure it wasn't user error. Thanks for everything

Zone_2 works fine for my RXV685.

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I looked at Zone_2/Zone_B and it worked okay on my RX-V671. I didn't test it on my 777 or 677 but they all should be the same.

It didn't work until I set it up through the on-screen menu though. This driver doesn't attempt to set, correct or validate your setup. It assumes you already have additional zones through the remote.

Did you follow steps similar to these already?

From what I can tell Yamaha use Zone B and Zone 2 pretty interchangeably and the process for either one is sort of the same. At any rate, make sure your setup is correct with the remote. If it is turn on all the logging for the zone b/2 child device and the parent (use the new driver) and pm me the logs after you try on, off, volume up and volume down. Genericize anything you don't want public.

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Is there a way to change the "AV 1" input in the app to toggle one of the other functions, i use Netradio ?
BTW love your work!

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Worked out that one, how dow you add to dashboard? Can add a switch to turn on, what do you use for selecting source?

Right now there isn't a custom command tile in dashboards so you have to do a bit of a workaround.

I'm considering a change to the driver to make different inputs as child devices so you can switch them on but I'm not sure it's worth it yet.

Thanks, had fun playing and getting basics working. Wondering if there is an option to connect the musiccast app. I.e. trigger the app to open from a tile as has obviously more day to day functionality.
Day 2 for me with the HE, in the process of converting from Vera. Had started to get into customising code but decided to make the jump. New language to get into.

I'm not sure I understand your ask but you can create a link in a dashboard. You could link to the zone device.

http://[IP address of hub]/device/edit/[internal device id of zone*]

*You can see this URL when you go to devices and then the child zone you want.

Holy crap I'm excited. I just closed on my new house so all my stuff is packed away, but if im reading this thread right, this will let me setup a trigger via the SONOS integration in hubitat so that if the Sonos Connect is powered on, this can trigger my Yamaha RX-V675 to auto-turn on, set the volume, and swap to the digital Sonos input???

I don't have a Sonos but I'm assuming there is a device for it with switch capability. If that's the case then yes.

You can create a rule that looks for Sonos on... Turns on the switch for the Yamaha, sets the source for the Yamaha and then sets the volume. You will need to create a custom command in Rule Machine for the source0..5 command of the Yamaha device. If I remember correctly you also need to create a custom command in Rule Machine to set the volume because you can't pass parameters to commands unless you created a custom command.

Anyways, if that's all over your head it won't be in a very short time. It's easier than it seems and the community is here to help.

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It’s a little foreign right now, but I’m sure I’ll be getting more familiar with all of the Hubitat drivers and logic as i slowly build out my new house.

I’m just ecstatic that this is possible. I was ready to start dicking around with a raspberry pi detecting voltage and running scripts. This should be WAY cleaner :slight_smile:

I just purchased a Hubitat and preparing to migrate from a Vera+. I currently have a script in Vera that is triggered by the doorbell (which triggers a close contact z-wave switch) that automatically changes the input on my receiver to an input that has a viewer for my door cam then changes it back to whatever input it was on originally. I think with this and Rule Machine I should be able to replicate it on the Hubitat with no problem.



Thanks for your work with this driver. I managed to get my RX-A2070 connected with few problems and can now successfully control the device from HE. However, I have one problem that I can't yet resolve. I have set up a rule to switch on my Sub-Woofer Amp when my Receiver Switches on. This works fine when I use HE, but not when I turn on the Amp manually. I assume that this is to do with Polling/Refresh. I have looked thorough the various HE support pages, but can't find anywhere that provides advice on polling something that is not Z-Wave. Do you have any advice on how to poll the device?

You are correct. It is because there is no polling and I didn't do polling on purpose. I provided a method but I left it uncalled because it provides more flexibility.

I would do something like this in RM:

Condition: Some switch turns on
True condition: Poll every 5 to 15 seconds but cancel on truth change
False condition: Poll every 5 minutes or not at all but cancel on truth change

For the switch you use it can be the TV switch if you have a switch for that or something else related to that room. Maybe you even have a motion sensor there. At any rate, I would only poll for it when you need it. Polling too frequently can slow down your hub and get in the way of other more important things (like fire alarms or water alerts)

Thanks, I see your logic with the Rules; I'll give it a go.

@codahq, I just wanted to post and say Thank You for releasing these drivers.

I have an automation setup to turn on audio at my pool, but I had to use the Yamaha AV Controller app on my phone to turn on Zone 2 and set the source to Pandora. After a couple of attempts, I couldn't get my Harmony Hub to control Zone 2 independently, so I searched the Hubitat Community for info on controlling Yamaha receivers and found this thread. I got it installed and working in no time, and I was able to add a virtual switch that turns on the outdoor audio, turns on the AVR, and switches the input to Pandora.

Thanks again,


You bet, Russ. It's fun.

I know this is silly (super silly) but I'm trying to collect Discourse badges. Think achievements if you aren't familiar with Discourse (this forum's software backend). That's how much of a Hubitat supporter I am. If you liked the driver please :heart: the first post. The likes go towards multiple badges.

In case you are interested yourself:

Been reading this thread, because I want to tie in my Yamaha RX-V583. Assuming it all works as well as everyone says, I am happy to help you get badges! This will be GREAT! I can finally switch my AVR's from the Sony STR-DN1050 as the main (garbage!) to the Yamaha RX-V583! No more Sony receivers EVER!

Thanks, @codahq!

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Greetings to all.
I need help and advice. I got Yamaha Receiver RX-A780. Can I use this driver in HE ?

If you can send a POST to your receiver at

[LAN IP]/YamahaRemoteControl/ctrl

with payload:

<YAMAHA_AV cmd="GET"><System><Misc><Network><Network_Standby>GetParam</Network_Standby></Network></Misc></System></YAMAHA_AV>

then it should definitely work. If you can hit a HTTP status page at the LAN IP of your receiver it will probably work e.g. http://[RECEIVER_LAN_IP] (for example Make sure you have the receiver sleeping instead of turning off in settings or you will be only be able to control it when it's on.

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