[WITHDRAWN - Use the new Broadlink integration by @tomw] NATIVE Broadlink RM/RM Pro/RM Mini/SP driver

Is this still the best project for Broadlink IR devices on Hubitat even though it's dead or has something replaced it?

In my opinion, it is, yes.


Thanks! I'll give it a shot.

I have this app and driver installed now (from post 289), but am encountering this same issue with RF learning:

The app appears to learn the codes okay, and I had no problem learning and operating in the Broadlink Android app before starting with Hubitat.
The issue looks to be in the actual storing of the code.

The Broadlink can obviously use the codes, but will not play nicely through this integration.
Does anyone have any ideas, or a workaround for this?
RM Bridge - pros/cons? Bond?

I'm in exactly the same situation. Using v0.50 of app and device driver. Can't find any earlier versions to try... Hopefully, someone here has a working version (not just talk about how awesome it is).

That's great! Which version app and driver are you using? TIA!

I’ve been using version 0.46 for a long time now without issues, so I never felt the need to upgrade. Let me know if that version works better for you.


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Thank you! Unfortunately, the same outcome. Code ERROR, Code not added, Code format not recognized. Broadlink's own app is fine, but with IFTTT not working and HE integration being as it is for me, it's probably time for Plan B: something other than Broadlink Rm3 Pro +

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That’s too bad. I have had some issues learning RF codes initially, but once they were learned, have had no issues using them.

I just ordered a Hampton Bay controller - will see... or I shell forever be doomed to operate my ceiling fans manually. The agony...

That would not be good...

I have my Hunter Fan (Costco) on the 2nd floor controlled by my RM PRO on the 1st floor which also controls my Fujitsu AC. Not sure what I could do without it! :wink:

I use a node red integration. Needed a rooted android device to extract the codes tho.

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That might just be a reason why I am not as lucky - my fans are not "big" household names. Whatever is "pretty" and from Amazon was the requirement at the time.

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It is very unfortunate that @cybrmage is no longer around - he use to know this at the tip of his fingers and could probably have figured out the problem.

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No idea if this will work, but take a look at @knr's post.

I think that was a possible solution for those who bought RM4 that was Cloud only. Mine is a Rm3 Pro +, which is local. But might as well try it - can't get much worse :slight_smile:

Have you looked into the Bond as an alternative?

Yea, I've been looking at it...might give it a shot. I just ordered a Hampton Bay Wink controller. Will give it a try. It was only US$35 on eBay, so I figured something to play with. Bond is a bit pricy. Will see. Thanks!

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Thanks for this. I removed v0.50 and installed these, and although the app gets stuck at "No unconfigured Broadlink devices found", I was able to learn all my RF codes through the device, and all 7x fans (Hi,Med,Lo,Off) are working except one bad high command - not sure what is happening there, but its not a huge concern at this stage.
Now I can delete this nasty Chinese app. Cheers :slight_smile:

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I tried to open the link, but it is not working. it shows " 404. That’s an error.

The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know."