[WITHDRAWN] Unofficial Ring Integration

dumb mistake. your work is great


Hey there, I added my ring devices to Device Watchdog - Inactive devices and it seems like none are reporting. They are working fine through ring but nothing reporting into HE, for example


I have run into a problem setting my alarm status. It wouldn't take the set mode command anymore. I tried from Rule Machine or manually in the devices, got no response in either. I also noticed that the mode weren't being reported to the current mode (ex.: It said that it was Disarmed when it was actually in Home status.) I was also unable to control my locks - same issue.

Then after 10 minutes or so, everything started working again.

The app did tell me all along that I was logged in:

Ring Account Information ( Successfully Logged In! )

Here is what I get in my logs:

dev:1862020-01-07 23:39:14.696 infoRing Alarm Hub already set to Home. No change necessary

dev:1862020-01-07 23:39:14.677 debugsetMode(Home)

dev:1862020-01-07 23:39:05.264 debugsetMode(Disarmed)

Is there anything I can do to debug this?


I'm seeing something similar.

I can setMode(Home) and it works fine, I can setMode(Away) and it works fine, but setMode(Disarmed) does not work. I can run it manually through the device but not through any external rule engines.

I modified the code to show the current value of the mode before it runs setMode() and it shows "off" when triggering setMode(Disarmed) externally (through Rule Machine or through WebCORE)

logDebug "Current Mode: ${device.currentValue("mode")}"

When triggering setMode(Disarmed) from the device itself, it shows "Current Mode: home". Any idea why the mode is not updating for external apps?

I have no idea what Device Watchdog is. Is this a Hubitat OOB app?

@codahq I think they are referring to this:

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Any idea what getLastActivity looks at? If it's looking at some internal Z-Wave or Zigbee timestamp my integration will never support Device Watchdog unless I can set that timestamp manually.

No idea... never used it ..

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According to this thread getLastActivity()? Mike says that it is based on events. If no events happen it goes inactive after 24 hours. Are you guys seeing those devices inactive always or do they show up once a device has an event? If they aren't showing up check your "Ring API Virtual Device" to see if it is connected or not. If it's not manually connect it by hitting initialize.

I have noticed that Ring is disconnecting the websocket now instead of leaving it connected indefinitely. This is probably another security precaution they have implemented. There is supposed to be a scheduled call to check every 60 minutes if the websocket is connected and reconnect it if it isn't. I have noticed this has failed a few times. I will try to make it more robust.

Can you paste the RM rule? I'm not seeing this issue. It seems to be functioning as intended. Be sure that you aren't actually see it twice in the log. Maybe you are seeing it once getting set to the correct value but then you have some other rule running and setting it again back to an incorrect value.

Along these lines, I did find a bug in the Ring Alarm Hub driver and I have pushed a fix. The only file that is changed is the alarm hub driver.


Just wanted to chime in and say: Thank you so much again for this integration.
For my automations, and setup when I'm on vacation, this literately is the most important custom app I have installed in my Hubitat. Thank you for the time you have spent on making this great.


I'm currently using WebCORE to do this as I was able to make it work modifying the driver and removing the specific check for the current ring alarm mode.

Essentially the rule just says if mode is changed to Home, Ring Alarm -> setMode(Disarmed) . I have a similar rule that says if mode is changed to Away, Ring Alarm -> setMode(Away). This works because it still thinks the alarm mode is off. I think that when WebCORE uses setMode() it does not actually modify the device.currentValue("mode")

dev:392020-01-09 03:31:00.261 pm info Ring Alarm Hub already set to Disarmed.  No change necessary
dev:392020-01-09 03:31:00.260 pm debug setMode(Disarmed)

Any thoughts how I can write a rule that when Location Mode is changed to run setMode() and also update the device's current mode status? Maybe running a refresh ? The idea is to keep everything in sync so if you modify the status through Ring, it will update the location mode & HSM status and also if you modify the Location Mode it will update HSM as well as Ring.

@codahq I appreciate these apps and device handlers so much. A lot of thought was put into writing these and I truly appreciate all of the work you've done to make Ring devices functional for the Hubitat community!

To change Ring's mode match HSM's mode you can use a trigger or rule like this:


Or whatever mapping you want.

To change HSM's mode to match Ring's all you have to do is toggle the checkbox on the alarm hub for that option.

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I just realized that my smoke / CO2 alarm was not detected - I get an error in the logs about that. Is there a way I can add it manually?

(From Ring API Virtual Device)
[dev:185]2020-01-09 20:24:09.471 [warn]Couldn't find device null of type alarm.smoke with zid eefa...

Also, do I need to be concerned about this?

(From Unofficial Ring Connect)
[app:113]2020-01-09 21:59:33.851 [warn]Probs need to enable OATH in the app's code, dood/ette. This is required if IFTTT will be used to receive motion and ring events.

(I’ve been having some hub slow down issues, so keeping a close eye on my logs lately...)

This is already mentioned in the thread somewhere. When you created devices did you have the smoke alarm driver and co alarm driver installed (not the listener driver. There is a difference.)? If you didn't you can install the correct drivers and click create devices again. Any devices you deleted because you didn't want will be created as well. You can delete devices you don't want in HE but then you have to live with the warnings.

For your other question the answer is right in the log and it's been mentioned here in the thread as well. You need it enabled if you want to use IFTTT for notifications for non-websocket devices.


separate issue to my last - is the keypad supposed to come up as a device? I installed the driver code for it but it never comes up in a scan. It always mentions its missing in the logs.

When you say "scan" do you mean "Discover Devices" from the app? You don't discover devices for websocket devices. You just click the create device button under the respective hub.

You the man. :grinning:

I'm slow today.

Thanks @codahq! I thought I had all the drivers install, but I must be missing something. I'll dig into it some more to see what I'm missing.

I have to say, I really adore this integration that you have put in place! I use it all the time! Thank you so much!!!

I hooked up the web socket to an alert as from the logs I wasn’t sure if it was down for a period of time or not. I’m noticing like clock work the websocket fails after 4 hours but instantly reconnects.

Just wanted to make sure you are aware, I assume that’s a ring or websocket thing you are aware ofF but just in case posting it here. Doesn’t seem to be affecting me at all.

Edit: looks like my last one was 3 hours.