[Withdrawn] TP-Link Tapo Device Integration

Same here it found it when I narrowed the range down. However when I select the device (ticked) and click next, then done, I don't see the device created on hubitat device page.. I assume I don't have to manually add the device.. I haven't waited for long to see if it's delayed in the creation as a child device..

I'll grab a log of it when I add the device.

If the device's page was already open, you would have to refresh. It does not automatically refresh.

Otherwise, check you have the driver installed. This would be in the message when installing. (It is a good idea to open a log page when installing devices to catch any warnings or error messages.)

Version 1.1 is released to correct errors to date. See top post for link to installation.

Issue for Tapo Hub device. After updating, run command "play Alarm Configuration". Otherwise it goes into a loop (some data issue). If you encounter the loop, do the same. I will investigate a fix later this week.

  • Comms error causing app to not terminate discovery process
  • App change to automatically terminate discovery process
  • App change to filter-out non-tapo devices (precluding comms error to begin with.

I thought I had installed all drivers when I did this in HPM.

When I upgrade to 1.1 using HPM I get this error.

Never seen this before. Do I need.to manually upgrade the app and each driver?

HPM issue. If you have the app open, it is running. It also checks every 3 hours for IP address changes, then it is a momentary conflict.

Suggest disabling the app in Hubitat and trying again.

PS - my final step was to upgrade my active system through HPM. No issues.

I repaired my version and that upgraded it. Didn't find the device when searching..

Removed this integration and reinstalled. Now the device was detected and added as a device. All working properly, and quickly seeing it's local.

So my question.. Is it worth investing in the hub just to use the contact sensors and motion sensors? Or really am I better of sticking with zigbee things for them rather than tapo seeing I don't own the hub yet.

I would stick with zigbee and z-wave sensors and buttons. The Hub also has an alarm sound feature that I have exposed (useful to use different sounds for event types).

I have implemented the HUB allowing as fast as 5 second polling of the attached sensors/devices. So, if you see an extremely good deal - go for it.

This integration is being withdrawn for new installations. Unfortunately, TP-Link has chosen to change the encryption /handshake technique on at least some of the devices and I can not guarantee any devices will work into the future.

I am working on the KLAP encryption and will come back when the integration can use either encryption type.

Thanks @djgutheinz - looking forward to any updates. We can't buy KASA in Australia now, so looking to incorporate Tapo devices!

Looks like Dave may have finished getting Tapo devices into the Community version

No. Tapo branded devices will be separate in a community integration (it would be simple to add into a single integration; however, the built-in app is controlled by the Hubitat Staff. Kasa matter devices (that use the Tapo API) will be part of the built-in app.

Tapo community integration delivery: Working on some device unreachable issues that have popped up. Will take several more days to finish troubleshooting an testing (happen periodically with a 408 status (device unreachable). Again, not sure why yet.


The integration has been re-established. See link [RELEASE] TAPO (TP-LINK) Plug, Switch, Bulb, and Hub Integration.

Sadly, you can not upgrade from the previous installation. Too many data changes due to the two security protocol implementation.


While trying to uninstall using the Hubitat Package Manager, the following message keeps popping up:

Any help is appreciated?

I am not a HPM expert.

goto the bottom tab in hpm and unmatch the tapo app..

then goto apps code and driver code and manually delete the app and drivers.

i get that on all kinds of apps/drivers i think uninstall may be broken or is very literal on everything being in perfect place/installed/correct version before it works.

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