With no more SmartThings - best path to integrate with Brilliant Controls

I know this was expected with Smartthings killing off custom groovy smart apps, but I haven't figured out a solution. I have 40+ zwave shades connected to my Hubitats (with HubConnect to Smartthings) and have Brilliant wall controls in each room that integrate with Smartthings so we can control shades in each room.

I definitely don't want to pair the shades with the Smartthings directly since the coverage was spotty - that was the reason I switched to Hubitat a couple years ago.

Is there a new method to mirror Hubitat devices (Shades/Dimmers) over to Smartthings ?

I don't think there's any hope for integration to Brilliant directly from Hubitat from what I can gather as well, but that would be the ideal solution.

Have you checked this out?

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Checkout HubiThings Replica as a replacement for HubConnect. It uses the Smartthings API so it will continue to work long after Groovy is gone. You may need some replica drivers to be created, but it should be possible

Does Brilliant have a Open API to communicate with their devices?


Thank you. I will check this out!

Checking that out.
I don't believe they're open. It's a shame ... the controls are great, but their integrations are slow to develop and not much community.

Check out Mira. It's designed to mirror Hubitat devices over to SmartThings, with no cloud needed.

We're in the final stages of "alpha" testing now but would love to see if it works for your use case!


Would love to test this out.

Added you to the invite!

Let me know if you have any issues with the install.

This was incredibly easy to install and it works ! Still need to test out if the Brilliant can recognize these devices, but I don't see why not.


@sam2 That’s a lot of shades… May I ask what kind of z wave shades you primarily have?

Let me know any issues or features that should be added.

I don't have any shades on HE so I used a virtual shade device to do development and testing on.

I got mine from Zebra Blinds (Graber Virtual Cord).

Wow, that sounds nice. What else do you use Brilliant for?

It was the only LCD touch screen wall switch that my kids/wife could easily use for all the shades we have across the house. I just use it for lighting control in the room (load), shades (z-wave thru ST), Sonos control for the room ... it has so much promise, but in the 2+ years I've owned the Brilliants, they really haven't added much. If there were a better alternative for Hubitat, I'd do it so I can be done with ST for good.

It really seems like there just isn't a big enough market in the enthusiast/DIY tier for these fancier touchscreen single/double gang sized smart switches. At least in North America. The price point is likely more for the Control4/Crestron/Lutron HomeWorks market with their full size touchscreens integrated with the rest of their products.

Wink had their Relay product that never caught on (neat idea, not sure how well it actually worked). Orro had a pretty product (although cloud dependent) but is on their way out. Brilliant looks similar to Orro and I hope they can make it.

Hey @coreystup and @sam2 - sorry I'm dropping into this thread a bit late but it's the only somewhat recent thread I can find discussing Brilliant switches and Hubitat.

I recently completely ditched my SmartThings hub after getting everything over to Hubitat, but forgot that 2 Brilliant switches are controlling Lutron switches through the old SmartThings integration.

I've been begging Brilliant for a Hubitat integration or publishing an SDK/API for 5 years (I was one of their first adopters). It's mind boggling to me that such a high quality piece of hardware (that, unlike many, has still survived 5 years after release and seems to still be getting manufactured) almost never updates it's software and still can't release an SDK/API so that we can talk to it through Hubitat. I really do like their switches.

Anyway, forgive me if this is addressed above and I'm not grasping how, but is there anyway through any of these drivers/software on Hubitat to 'mimic' Smartthings so that Brilliant can see my Lutron hub and talk to Lutron devices (Caseta switches) without having to go through SmartThings, which, also crazily, is the only way Brilliant can talk to Lutron...

Thanks for any help!

There is no way to mimic Smartthings. The apps discussed above are ways to connect Hubitat to Smartthings to keep various devices in sync. Right now, Brilliant does not integrate into Hubitat. The only way to control their switches are via virtual switches and routines/automation in a different platform (like Smartthings). The only local way I see with them is via Apple Home. If you can integrate Brilliant into HomeKit, you could use virtual switches to sync status with Hubitat. This would all be via local control since HomeKit requires it.

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Thank you for taking the time to remind me of this... thankfully I only have to go in and configure smart home devices once a year or rarely... so I kind of forget a few basic concepts... duh, I should have known that.

I REALLY wish Brilliant would pull their had out of their butt and release an API or SDK... the universe has been asking for it since they launched. For such a "high end" and HIGH PRICED product you'd think they'd want wider adoption, which would come if people could integrate with their damn panels!

This is a pretty common statement. Chamberlain/MyQ are the same. They have a closed ecosystem, which if there was every type of device available on their system, wouldn't be so bad. But when you just have a garage door and that is all, you have to expect people will want to integrate that with other devices, like lighting or security systems.

These companies are either dumb, oblivious, or so shortsighted that they think they are the best and only company and everything must run through their cloud. I am not sure why they feel they must lock people into their realm? It certainly isn't bringing them more business, and with MyQ there is a lot of outrage they shut down all integrations.

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I complete agree... in MyQ's VERY LIMITED defense, they are garage doors so they keep claming security and fear of opening up control to a door (makes no sense as you can control your front door lock with open API's...)

But Brilliant really has no excuse... they are trying to be a high end touch panel that controls and integrates with everything. They are quite high quality and I really like them. You can control switches, Sonos, lights, devices, etc in one room from another room. They have video and motion sensing. They are incredible devices, and unlike a million start ups in this space (Otto, Wink, the list goes on and on), they are somehow still around 5 years later and selling..

so why the hell would they not have integration with Hubitat or publish an API/SDK so that there business model can thrive and more people can use them?

I know a ton of start home integrators that would love to offer Brilliant as a DIY workaround or alternative to Control4 and Savant but they can't because they can't integrate with it. Hubitat and Brilliant would be a Control4/Savant killer in my opinion.

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