With local control, Reset Router?

With local control can a smart plug be used to reset a router?

If your router is turned off any WiFi based outlet will lose connection and then the hub will not be able to talk to it to turn it back on!
I can't answer to zigbee/zWave ones .. I guess someone else will need to answer.

Yes, as long as you're using a Zigbee or Z-Wave outlet, you could set up Rule(s) to turn off the outlet at a specific time, and then turn it back on a few minutes later.


Only if you're using a router with the access point built in. OP - if you feel intrepid enough, pick up something like an Edgerouter Lite + any access point. You'll (almost) never have a reason to reset it. Of course, I'm assuming that you want to reset to fix stability issues and not some other reason.

I used a zigbee plug. May be I did something wrong but I couldn't get it to work at first. Only tried once as the occupants get mad when the cable and internet goes. I'll try again.

Another solution (and one I used for quite a few years due to unstable internet) is to see if your router has a scheduled reboot option built in. Set it up to reboot at some time during the middle of the night daily and you should never have to do a forced reboot again.

Another option, if your router doesn't support scheduled reboots is to get yourself a digital timer outlet (usually $5-$15 at most stores). Set it to run from 23:59 - 23:58. That one minute where it's not running would be your scheduled reboot time. Some of the digital timer outlets even allow you to specify days of the week and such if you want to get fancy. :wink:

Another option.

I've had this setup on my modem for a few years now. When internet/wifi goes out it will automatically reboot the modem after a specific time, simple yet effective solution.


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