Wish for native support of INNR SP-120 plugs


My move from Vera to Hubitat is almost complete and so far most things have gone smoothly. There are just a couple of devices I cant get to work properly and among those are my INNR SP-120 plugs (the EU-version) wich causes some problem for me because I have a quite few of those...

A wish from me therefore are native support for those plugs please. :slightly_smiling_face:


I don't have any of these (or live in the UK), but I'm surprised they don't work with the Generic Zigbee Outlet driver. If you're not already using that, try it and see if it helps. Hit "Configure" after you switch to this driver, otherwise you're likely to run into at least some problems like the device not reporting its state properly back to the hub. If that still doesn't work, what problems are you seeing? Commands not working, status not reporting back, or both?

If nothing else, if you have a Hue Bridge, I'm pretty sure these can be paired to that, and I know at least one third-party Bridge integration that can get them into Hubitat that way (the stock integration doesn't do plugs last time I checked). :slight_smile: Might be a way you can integrate them in the meantime.

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I use the generic Zigbee outlet driver and it doesnet work.

I’m having both of those problems actually.

Correct, they work with the Hue Hub. And yes, I have that so maybe I’ll move them back untill they are properly supported by Hubitat. But I rather not since i will weakening my zigbee mesh. I guess it depends on how long it will take before they are supported...

May I suggest sending the Zigbee fingerprint detail to Mike Maxwell who may decide to add it to the generic zigbee outlet driver.
(I 'm also surprised that it doesn't work currently with the existing driver.)

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Sorry to be pedantic, but had you clicked “Configure” as recommended by @bertabcd1234?

I ask because the US version of these plugs seem to work with the generic driver from what I’ve read.

I’ll check later today that I really have Done that. :+1:

I’ll see if I can do that. :+1: How do I find the Zigbee fingerprint by the way? :slightly_smiling_face:

@monsterdykaren try this Zigbee driver by Markus one may work for you. Worth a try.

Sadly the drivers from Marcus doesnt work for me but strangely enough I have got two of my four INNR plugs to function by changing between the drivers a couple of times... :thinking: So now I have two that works fine and two that doesnt.

Looks like the pairing wasn’t complete. After removal and reset, re-pair them close to the hub.

No need to. :grinning: For some reason they all work fine now. :+1: At least in the dashboard. We’ll se tonight if the automation they are in also works.

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Cool! Glad you got it working.