Wiring up antenna's outside of an enclosure

Apologies if this is addressed in another topic, but I couldn't find it.

I'm about to put my C-8 in an enclosure. I'm not anticipating any performance issues with the radio signal (primarily Z-wave, and a little Zigbee) but I was wondering if there's a way to connect up an "external" antenna. In other words, put the two antenna's outside of the enclosure, and have them wired (via an adaptor maybe?) to the C-8's antenna ports.

Thoughts? thanks

Officially, the only "supported" antennas are the ones that come with the hub, used as-is. (This is to say: if something goes wrong and you need help, say your Z-Wave network starts acting up, the first step would be reverting to this setup.)

Unofficially, some users have had luck using other antennas for situations like yours. There is some discussion here, including the specific antennas I used myself (which have their own cable, not an "extension" of the stock antennas), as well as comment from others with the same. You can probably find more with a search:


And I believe there is a slight loss every time a signal goes through a connector.