Wiring three switches to one light

Hey All,

I have a bedroom light which I need to control from 3 separate light switches, two either side of the bed and one as you enter.

I have setup them up in Hubitat, and setup the One To Many, which sets each switch to on an off in sync, but I still have an issue that I can only turn off the light from the switch that turned it on.

Is there a wiring diagram of how these Zigbee switches should be connected?

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A quick online search turns up several, one of which is
for standard switches. If you particular devices need something different it will say so in the instructions that came with them.

Remember to turn of the power AND TEST with a meter before starting work.

Yes that us how it is setup with normal light switches but is it different for smart switches? Like is a traveller cable require between the switches still?

Without reading the instructions that came with your switches I don't know.

What brand and model switches are you using? With GE for examp,e you use one smart switch and 2 Aux switches.

Can we assume that before you started adding smart switches all three switch locations could control your light?

How many smart switches have you installed and where are they (i.e. all three locations, at the doorway etc)


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Yes we had normal switches that could control that light no issue.

Then we installed Nue Zigbee light switches https://3asmarthome.com/products, one single light switch beside each side of the bed and one double light switch at the entry to the bedroom in the door way. Each switch can control the light on its own, so you can turn it on and off from the same switch no issue.

I tried one to many and switch binding, and it syncs the state to each switch but you can only turn the light off only from the switch you turned it on with.

Back is like this except the is only one L1, the photo is of a 3 gang version.

I'm not sure I understand your response. I guess it is better asked.....

Before any smart switches, did you have what I would call a 4 way switch configuration?

By that I mean you could turn the light on OR off by any of the three switches.
For example on entering the room you could turn on the light at the switch by the door. Then when going to sleep you could turn the light off from a switch by the bed.

BTW what country are you in?


Ok to clarify... The three original switches you had in were two three way and one four way switches? And the new ones you added are ALL Zigbee switches?

Just to be sure we are all on the same page. @donmozza is from Australia. There's a chance the wiring is not the same as North America.

If you are correct, its not clear how the switches by the bed receive power.

Needs more understanding of the actual wiring conditions.

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Before the Zigbee's went in there where three light switches controlling the main light in the bedroom.

One single dim on one side of the bed
One single dim on the other side of the bed
and One single dim near the door.

They all controlled the main light no issues.

Now I have Zigbee switches and replaced like for like

One zigbee single dim on one side of the bed
One zigbee single on the other side of the bed
and One zigbee single near the door.

That photo was to illustrate the ports on the swtich. The ones i have the single dim have a N, L1, and L port.

I'm at a loss as to how the original wiring might have be wired. I do understand the photo you posted showed a 3 switch device and you have 1 switch devices. Strange the lack of information on their website.

Two questions:

  1. pre Smart switches, could you dim the main light from each of the 3 locations? or only from 1 location with the other two only on / off?

  2. can you post photos of the old switches (preferably the back sides showing the wiring).


How many termination spots are on your old switches?

This diagram makes the most sense to me. So Im a Electrician in the US and if the diagram I posted is correct its similar to our setup just different layout.

With that said I would contact the switch manufacture and see if you needed to change all out to Zigbee. The Zooz Z-wave switches I installed only need one to be a smart switch in this configuration.

think i figured it out. issue with the main switch. i setup automation rule so all three switches turn on when one is turned on and vice versa. the issue is the main switich which is a dimmer looks like it doesnt work properly with the normal switches. i swapped it with a normal swtich and it now works perfectly.

Example from my Z-wave switches. I only needed to install one of the switches.

Thanks all for your help.

What is the difference between the Hubitat Apps:

One to many
Switch Binding
Or setting up an simple automation to keep switches in sync

Which one would people recommend to keep 3 light switches in sync.