Wireless Zigbee Switch

I'm looking for a wireless Zigbee Switch that works with Hubitat. I found a few on Amazon,
this one for example, but it says Tuya Hub required, does it work wth Hubitat directly or are there any other wireless zigbee switches ?
i have a few wireless Aeon Z wave switches but it looks to me that Zigbee is more reliable than Z Wave, I still have a few Z Wave devices that are slow responders or non responders sometimes. Zigbee works great for me.

I would not buy that one. I would buy one of these.

Both of these are dimmers but they have a switch version. They are solid and look great.

I just re-read the post. Do you mean wireless buttons?

This is a z-wave button but it is really good and clean. It would have to be installed close to the Hubitat Hub.

The Lutron Pico's are amazing but you will have to get the Lutron Caseta hub pro to make them work.

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