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So, I contacted support. No go on local access so we are looking at a cloud solution limiting access. I use mine for humidity (cigars) and temp only. Extremely accurate.

If there are just a few of us, could everyone list capabilities and sensor type? Swanny went pretty deep into the multitude of sensors and I’ll try to work on this as time allows...I’m still in the midst of migration and learning some HE specifics.

MotionHTU x 5
Relative Humidity, Temperarure, Battery

Tag w/13b Temperature rev. 6F x 5
Temperature only

I'm only using the Wireless Water/Moisture Sensors.

But what specific capabilities? Most of their sensors have upwards of 10 capabilities (motion, contact, etc). If you look in Swannys smartthings handlers, go through the list and see what you actually use.

Wireless Water/Moisture Sensors

capability "Water Sensor"
capability "Relative Humidity Measurement"
capability "Battery"

Tag w/13b Temperature rev. 6F x 5

capability "Temperature Measurement"
capability "Battery"

Appears we have minimal common needs. I'm glad to hear nobody is using the motion or contact like features, not that they are bad, but it simplifies the volume of stuff to get up and going. I just "fully moved over" from ST about a week ago so I'm still tweaking driver and rule elements as a priority. I have one more drive that I'll port and then I'll tackle the swanny Tag repo. That would be my first driver\app requiring API elements, but I'm sure I'll get it going fairly quick

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@beedix77. Hope all is well with ya. Just curious how you are doing and if there is anything we can do to help you.

Nope, it's still on the list for me to tackle unless someone gets to it first, but I've been distracted a bit.

Got migrated over from ST, ported a couple drivers and have two more to go. Then i'm close to tackling this one. It would be my first cloud based port so I expect some learning curve, but given nobody is using the motion features, it should be pretty straightforward for sensors with minimizing battery use only.

@beedix77 Hey there. Just dropping by to see if you need any testers for this. Hope all is well.

Testers? Absolutely. But not for this app :slight_smile: I got a couple consulting projects that has pretty much delayed my progress on this. Those could use testers! It might be a month or two more.

I haven't had time to look at it, when I was looking at homebridge plugins, I saw plugins for tapping into these WirelessTags using the same API as swanny implemented. I've not played with the hubitat homebridge effort but I wonder if there is a path there...

About 75% of the swanny ST driver is related to arming and disarming motion events that are included on most of their Temp sensors and I doubt hubitat users would be doing motion sensing through a cloud service. You don't need to port the "app". The sensor related capabilities are polled, so all the event notification structure goes bye bye. As I recall, it looked pretty straight forward I'd think from a porting perspective. I'm not even sure porting is really needed. If you took the most basic hubitat driver example that polled every X seconds, you could cut and paste the swanny functions that wrap the Wireless Tag API's and the parsing. Ideally, you would add settings for polling frequency and maybe do a virtual child driver sort of structure, but to get up and running you could do driver per wirelesstag. Anywho, hopefully one of these days.

Ever make any progress with this? I use one tag to measure humidity and temp in my attic and then use a long set of rules to compare to outside humidity and temp to turn on and off my attic vent fans. I also use one in my deep freeze to alert me if it fails or the kids leave the door cracked. They work great because of there long range. I have them on my ST hub but need to port them over to HE. I tried to use hub link to just send the info from ST to HE but it only sends the temp and not the humidity. Was hoping for at least this work around but seems I am stuck.

I picked up a few wireless tags recently, and I’m impressed with the accuracy and logging.

Since there’s no HE port yet, I’m using the ST community integration with hubconnect to get sensor data into HE.

But the way the ST smartapp seems to be reporting temperature, it’s ignoring any decimal points. It’s not even rounding, so 75.9 degrees looks like 75 degrees to ST.

I don’t know anything about groovy or other programming languages, but it seems like these lines of code are related?

def getTemperature(value) {
	def celsius = value
	if(getTemperatureScale() == "C"){
		return celsius
	} else {
		return celsiusToFahrenheit(celsius) as Integer

Does anyone know if it will always show an integer in the ST app, even though the tags can report much more precise values than that? Or is there a way to change the smartapp code to allow the tag’s decimal place readings to be shown?

Can you tell me where I can purchase some of these wireless tags so I can check my house plants as well? Also could they be used on outside plants exposed to the elements?

Thank you very much! These look very cool. Do you have to also buy the ethernet tag manager on this site, or can you use the hubitat hub to receive data from the tags?

You would need the tag manager. I haven't used them in a while now so don't know what is current or not.

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I just got my tag stuff today... definitely will be working on getting these going. Is there a module out there already or does one need ported over from ST? The thread wasn’t really clear on it. If neither, I’ll trail writing my own :slight_smile:

See this thread:

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