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Last night, I discovered super soft ice cream (again). Darn those pesky kids, they didn't fully close the freezer (a repeat experience)!

Looking at previous posts, I see a reference to Wireless Tags. Did anyone get the integration to work, or do I need to buy a Tag Hub ($49) as well as the Temperature Tag ($28). Or do I need the Hub anyway?


To use Wireless Tags you would need the tag manager and their sensors.

There are zigbee and zwave devices that can measure freezer temperature.

Personally, I have a contact sensor in the freezer door, and an Ecowitt temperature sensor within. This sensor does require an ecowitt gateway, but the gateway integrates locally with Hubitat. Unlike Wireless Tags.


I do something similar. Contact sensor on the door, SensorPush temp sensor inside, and a power monitoring plug. SensorPush isn't local though, requires their cloud.

I have monitors for door being left open, temperature out of range, or power being high or low for too long (compressor running excessive or not at all).

Might be excessive but very important for maintaining WAF.


Thank you both. How gap sensitive are the contact sensors, because the kids think they shut the drawer, but there is just still a gap to cause warmer air to enter the freezer.

I use a SmartThings multi sensor, the magnets are pretty strong. I have it placed on the opening side of the door. It triggers when you barely have it cracked open, only a cm or so.

Temp and power monitoring would catch the door being cracked open for any length of time.


For any contact sensor, it's about trial and error depending on how sensitive you want it to be. One of my fence gates has a habit of not latching all the way, which pushes it out, maybe, 1/4". I just toyed with spacing the magnet and sensor so that the contact shows open unless the gate is completely latched/shut.


With my Third Reality contact sensor, the magnet can be ~35mm from the sensor before it registers as being open.

It's ~45mm for my Aeotec multipurpose sensor 5.

hmm, 35 & 45? so ~1.5" and almost 2"? That seems a lot. If a window was open 45mm and the contact sensor said it was shut, I would be concerned.

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Position the magnet further away.


Gotcha, thanks

Yes, it is a fair gap.

That was with them on my desk and sliding the parts away from each other waiting for the state to change.

Both of mine say not to use on metal doors, so not sure how mounting them on a fridge/freezer would affect that aspect.

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I've had good luck running iris v2 sensors in my freezers.

I've had good luck with a Hue motion sensor in my freezer.

I use the Third Reality contact sensor on my chest freezer. Works great and the AAA battery holds its voltage with the colder temps from the outside of the freezer. The larger spacing worked out good because of some edging around the lid which made it hard to mount right to the edge anyway.

Set up a repeating alert if its left open that runs until it gets closed.


Purchased an Aqara sensor ($19). Downloaded the custom driver, installed. Works as needed.

I put it in a ziploc bag to ‘maybe’ help the battery life, by keeping cold air away from the vents (read that in another community post).

Set up notifications that sends a text to my phone, updates the HubiVue dashboard and sends an audio message to my multiple Sonos speakers.

Let’s see how it goes……