Wireless speakers like Sonos

I have a Denon AVR-X4700H with Dali speakers (cable connected 7+1) in my living room.
In addition to that I have Sonos wireless speakers (5 total) around the house.
I can use these both for music all around the house and also for announcements from Hubitat hub.
Now I am also trying to arrange a similar setup for my summerhouse. But I don't want to go that expensive and will prefer cheaper options.
For example, instead of a AVR-X4500 av receiver , I will use a AVR-X1800H with 2+1 speaker setup.
What can I use instead of the Sonos speakers ?
is there a cheaper wireless standalone speaker (supporting Spotify, Amazon, Youtube music services) which works for Hubitat announcements ?

One option might be using Amazon echo speakers. But would it be enough for music ?

I use Google Home speakers for the main living room with Nest mini's around the house and outside. I broadcast to those and they work very well as passable as a stereo pair.
I have the "good" audiofile stuff downstairs and use Roon and YT Music to stream to the rest.

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Ikea's sonos speakers are cheaper.

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Have you checked out Wiim yet? I currently have Sonos S1 Zone Players everywhere with ceiling speakers (about 8). I did away with the one in my lounge when I recently got a Denon 3800H as I wanted to re task the ceiling speakers for height speakers on the Denon (5.1.2). Anyway that's irrelevant....I started looking at Sonos alternatives as I'd like Airplay 2 compatibility rather than having to use the Sonos app and I came across the Wiim Amp. I'm tempted to switch out all of my Sonos with them as they're about half the price. They don't support the Apple Music service directly for searching within their native app so that's a pain for me but I could get by with Airplay 2.

They do work with Amazon, Spotify etc. I'm not sure for Hubitat announcements but they do support Alexa voice control I believe. wiimhome.com for details.

Edit: I just noticed that you mentioned standalone.

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Arylic has some small amplifier/streamer offerings, including DIY modules if you're into building your own speakers. They even have a local API, so someone could create a driver.

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BlueSound maybe?

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does symfonisk (Ikea speaker) connect with the Sonos app ?

Yup. They are Sonos speakers.

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Arylic seems to be a good option for living room. Maybe even a cheap replacement for Denon AVR if I don't need video switching.

But I can't spare time to write a driver for Hubitat.
I wish there was a ready driver...

does bluesound require Amazon echo devices for voice control or does it have Alexa internal ?

I think keeping your setup between two houses similar helps with human factors. If you have a summer home the idea of getting cheaper than Sonos maybe seems less important. I do like the Ikea Sonos speakers. They are a good value and for some the form factor can work better than some of the Sonos gear.

I feel like you really have two easy choices for wireless given your equipment choice. Sonos or HEOS.

HEOS isn't cheap, but you can check sites like accessories4less for refurbs.

Yes IIRC it does. They sound really good btw. I am not sure if you’ll be able to do TTS over them though. I had BlueSound for a short while but ended up with Sonos. I have a feeling my TTS on BlueSound was via a HomeAssistant add on.

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