Wireless cam recommendation (doesn't have to integrate with HE)

Hi all, was curious if anyone can recommend a wireless, and ideally battery powered, motion detection camera? A relative in a condo has just learned that some of the condo management staff have been entering units without prior notification and without correctly recording it in the log of such activity. She's wanting a camera that will record on motion, ideally immediate upload and push notification. The catch is that the entryway to her unit has no power outlets AND there's three ways out of this hallway (double sided bathroom, one bedroom, main living area). So, it has to be wireless as two of these paths would be inappropriate to have a camera.

The Logitech Circle 2 seems to fit the bill on paper, where in theory a month or two of battery life is possible with only a few comings and goings per day, and pop the battery on/off the back with an extra you keep charged. I see complaints about the battery life in reviews, but also people seeming to want to pretend they're in a low motion environment when they aren't. Was hoping for a more real world experience here, or with alternative similar cameras. Worst case we could wire an outlet into this hallway if there's a dramatically better powered option; the breaker panel is in a utility closet off this hallway, so it would probably not involve much more than cutting in an outlet box and running a few feet of cord. Thanks!

I have been using the Blink cameras (now owned by Amazon) for years. The batteries last for a year+. They have indoor and outdoor versions (I have both). You do need to have one of the sync modules located somewhere inside the house connected to the WiFi AND you need to use their app, but so far it has been a very painless.

Plus... It "sort of" can integrate with Hubitat. I have a basic driver I have written to access their API. But I would have recommended them even before making the driver and just using the app.

I have Blink and Arlo Pro wireless security cameras. I think either would work for your use case. They are internet based and require a hub. I think for new users there may be a monthly subscription fee, but Iā€™m not positive. I bought mine a long time ago and Iā€™m grandfathered into the free plan.

Thanks both. Blink looks like it would be ideal, and correct, $3/mo fee now per device, or $10 for a single address if you have a bunch of cameras. For the simple use case and the battery life, this seems like the way to go even with the monthly fee.

In talking with Blink support a while back if you are using the new Blink Indoor, Outdoor, or Mini and utilize the Sync Module for local storage of video (requires that you attach an USB drive to it) you don't need the storage plan and therefore won't have a fee.

On Mon, Oct 19, 2020 at 6:00 PM <info@blinkforhome.com> wrote:
Thank you for your email and interest. To answer your questions.

1) You can store your clips locally in the privacy of your home for no additional fee using the included Sync Module 2 ā€” all you need is a USB flash drive.
For the convenience and added benefits of cloud storage, a free trial of the Blink Subscription Plan valid through December 31, 2020 in US/CA and March 31, 2021 for UK/EU is available with the purchase of each new Mini, Indoor and Outdoor.
Do note: only the Blink Mini, Blink Outdoor and Blink Indoor are compatible with the local storage functionality.

2) Both local and cloud storage allow you to use your Blink app and cameras in the same way. The only difference is where your videos are saved.

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I've been considering retiring my old camera system and buying the Blink Outdoor and Sync Module, but have a question: if I use the sync module with local storage am I required to have a cloud subscription? If not can I still view live feeds from the app?

the wyzecam 3 is kick ā– ā– ā– , and it's freaking 20 bucks, which leaves money for a solar battery pack.
I have 10 wyzecams and just bought 3 of the new ones. The starlight sensor in them is unreal, it's like night vision goggles. Cams take an sdcard or you can pay for camplus subscription which records to cloud continuously


The other thing to consider, above all else, is how is playback from the cam app. Having POE Cams all around the outside of my house(lorex) their playback, search & person/vehicle detection are very good. Wyzecam is in second place for playback as of recent updates. Nothing is worse than lousy playback or being unable to find the event you need, or have understandable audio on playback.
Apps that require hours to locate/playback events will drive you nuts, I know because I'm there :crazy_face: