Wired Ethernet in the house


I bought my Hubitat but at the same time decided to increase the WiFi and Ethernet in my house to not have to use those pesky plugs.

Anyone else wired Ethernet to several rooms ?

It’s taking my longer than I expected


I do it as I am rewiring each room anyway, so i put in cable ready when I do key areas. Then its already ready for the next bit. It's messy otherwise.


My whole house has plugs. Even bathrooms, stairwells, kitchen. I have ethernet sockets like carter has liver pills.


I have ethernet in three places where it was easy to access. 1926 house. Brutal to run copper. I don't otherwise need it in more than the three places it exists. Small house, and a three node mesh WiFi covers it all, including the backyard.


If you're running new cable, add single-mode fiber to the mix, even if you don't bother to terminate it now. Most of the expense is labor, and some future generation will thank you because they won't have to go through what you are now.


I am fortunate enough to be able to run it down the side of the house that you can't really see, so I have some plastic conduit and some outdoor cable running down there.

I thought about future proofing, but with this method I can easily upgrade in time.

Everywhere else will be covered by 2 Wifi access points


single-mode? That makes the optics more costly
For house distances I would use laser optimized 50 micron

and when pulling copper pull double what you think you need.