Wink Zigbee fan controller (built in driver)

Any help in writing rules for this fan? My fan only works on 3 of the speeds only. I have written a rule that starts the fan when the temp of one of my sensors is over 75 and there is moron in the room. Unfortunately I haven't figured out how to set the speed in the rule.

The Wink controller is actually a 4 speed controller. You can set the speed either through setting the level of the fan device (0-25, 26-50, 51-75 or 76-100) for the different speeds or through the "Adjust this fan" command. That will cycle through the different options available, including off.

I think the fan speed is exposed as a dimmer.

You can also use RM to setup custom commands for the fan speeds.


Maybe start by reading the RM documentation?

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Yes, it is a 4 speed controller, however, only 3 of the speeds produce a change in the fan itself. in the settings for the child app produced from the built in driver, it offers actually 5 speeds. The fan responds to High, Medium, and Low as well as Medium Low. It does not respond to Medium High. When writing the rule, the control. I have tried to use the set fan speed command and it allows me to select which fan to control but it doesn't give me any options for setting speed. I just found that you can set it as a dimmer by using the percentages but it is not responding as expected. Still tinkering with it. Thank you for the help.

Low, Medium, High and Auto all work if you setup custom commands. Search the site, you'll see plenty of posts on how to setup a custom command.

Thanks, still trying to get it to respond in a way that make sense but at least this helped.