Winix Air Purifier Integration - Where to start?

I want to port a Winix Driver from HomeAssistant (Python) to Hubitat. I am a software dev, and off for the next few weeks, so should be able to accomplish it, I just need to know where to start. Its a web-API based thing, with a login and then an API Key.

Wondering where do I start.

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The first thing I would do is see if you can figure out how their "API" (may or may not actually be published/open; could be reverse-engineered) works. The Home Assistant component may give you this information if you study it, but Home Assistant and Hubitat work quite differently under the hood (and lots of times a Home Assistant integration just relies on an open library someone else built), so it may or may not actually be a good starting point--but could be useful for figuring this out. But so could Google and whatever you find for documented or reverse-engineered APIs there. :slight_smile:

Once you know that, I'd figure out if/how you can do this in Hubitat. Hubitat can handle typical HTTP calls (GET, POST, PUT), both outgoing and--if you can get the external source "pointed" the right way--inbound; websocket; event socket; and outbound UDP (though last time I checked, not inbound unless in response to one of these). There are some things you may not be able to do on Hubitat itself (e.g., particularly complicated integrations, like HomeBridge, still need a "middle" piece running somewhere else), but if you figure out what you need to do, someone here can probably help you figure out if and how it's possible.

Alternatively, there is at least one community solution for integrating certain classes of Home Assistant devices into Hubitat and another for the other direction, so if you're not opposed to just setting up Home Assistant (a lot easier now than it used to be!), that could be easier. :smiley:

Is there developpement on your project? I think purchasing a Winix purifier and wish connect it with Hubitat!

Hi, any progress on this?

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