Windows rolls device - Shelly Qubino?

I've on my windows rolls (not shutters). I bought Shelly Qubino Wave Shutter z-wave.
I'm not satisfied because:

  • i can't see the status if the rolls are opened or closed
  • can't stop the closing/opening in random position

I only see that the device is active (on the dashboard) and can slide causing 100% close or 100% open.

Do I use wrong drivers?
How you control your rolls? Different device?

Please help. I need to implement another devices to another rolls but I'm not sure if I want to use this one...


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Hi @PM_Disaster I have 6 of the Shelly Qubino rolls in my house and cannot make them work. Were you able to find any solution to your driver issue?

Also, how did you do to get them to pair with Hubitat?

Hello @bange

You must put that device into pairing mode like in the small manual added to the device and it can be added automatically via "Add device" in the device section - if you need detailed instructions how to go into pairing mode let me know.

After device is found you must change one setting --> Type:

You must find type "Qubino Dimmer Module"

Then it works but I can only operate it via Dashboard. Not directly from the Hubitat device section. Buttons there don't work.

Even thou I'm not satisfied like I wrote before:

  • not possible to set random position like for instance 20% open only
  • can't see on the dashboard if the rolls are currently close or open

Anyway I live like this somehow :wink:
Still want to implement additional rolls but maybe other devices which will fully cooperate.
Or maybe someone can give us a clue --> maybe other drives should be loaded? Not the standard one?


I got it working !!!
I used the "Qubino shutter Module" driver. Did a new calibration from the device page and was able to succefully open, close, set to a specific position and feedback on the shutter status (open, closed, partially open)

I was not able to add it to any dashboard yet. I have not done any dashboard so far and need to learn more on that. What Dashboard app are you using?

If in the US you could check out the Zooz ZEN53 if you need an alternate, I have a custom driver for it here: [DRIVER] Zooz ZEN53 DC Motor Controller (for shades)

For my device is not working. I can open and close but now partially open, no status.
What is strange is the position and level factor 254 but should be maximally 100% - correct?

Someone can supports?

@bange what about other four switches? Working?

... and one more remark: not working on Qubino Shutters. Only on Dimmer Module