Window sensor with ldr sensor (lux)


I am looking for a window sensor that includes a Ldr photocell to measure brightness. I was currently doing it with an aqara motion sensor and a window aqara. however I would like to be able to replace this package with a version compatible and reliable with Hubitat since it is currently giving me some problem. I would be indifferent to zigbee or Z-Wave. Currently I don't have anything Zwave, but it wouldn't be a noticeable problem either.
Perhaps a lux sensor with tamper could be useful, since the idea is to modify them. One would be used for a rain and sunlight sensor and the other for an access door control.
Is there any option for that?

I've been through several and can't find the right one. The last one I have at home is still a cold motion model, compatible with smartthings but even selecting the generic zigbee motion sensor, it is not correctly recognized by hubitat, so it is pending return.

Thanks in advance.

I'm not aware of any contact sensors with a built-in lux sensor of the Z-Wave or Zigbee variety (not saying they don't exist, but I don't know of any). Some motion sensors do; besides the one you used (and can indeed be problematic on some Z-Wave networks), any model of Philips Hue motion sensor also has a lux sensor. This is a Zigbee device. Some Z-Wave motion senors also have lux reporting (Dome DMMS1, Fibaro Motion, Inovelli LZW60, Aeon Multi 6 and 7, Aeon Tri Sensor, Zooz Outdoor ZSE29, or the Zooz 4-in-1 ZSE40, among others--though the ZSE40 is a bit odd in that it reports light in some arbitrary percent scale instead of lux and IMHO isn't really usable for nuanced measurements). There are likely others.

If you want something small, the Sensative Strips Comfort are one I'm aware of that are pretty small and are supposed to measure lux (never used them; can't comment on how they work). You'd need something else for a contact sensor, however (Sensative Strips Guard is an equally tiny option but does not have options for external contacts, which it sounds like you're looking for; the Ecolink is famous for having these but likely others will work, too).

Almost all of the Zigbee or Z-wave devices that are working in ST should work in Hubitat as well.. What is the model and the manufacturer of this motion sensor (values are in the device 'Data' section)?

On the main question - sorry, I can't recall an Illuminance sensor combined with a contact sensor or a tamper switch. As already mentioned, some Motion sensors have also Lux and contact sensors.

the philips sensor is not an option. I have several and they work very well, the problem is that they do not have a simple two-pin Ldr photocell. This leads to generating signals on this component copying the behavior, with some kind of intermediate pcb, which would not be convenient.

The sensor aqara that I indicated, if it has it, so it was easy for me to replace it and do a hack for test some things.

This is the last model purchased. It is a very interesting model to hack, although it does not have the 2-pin LDR cell that I am looking for.

For this reason, I have not entered to take measurements of the board with a multimeter to analyze if it is feasible to integrate it. The Samsung smarthings model should be compatible with the Generic zigbee motion driver, however it does not work here.

I have also seen some option in shelly, or even in your brand I have a model ordered. But with less and less hope.

Frient motion sensor driver for HE is mentioned here, but it is not very clear for me whether it worked at the end or not.

I was wondering what brand "cold" was, but this makes sense as a translation issue now. :smiley:

I also have no idea what kind of lux sensor (LDR or otherwise) is inside any of the sensors I mentioned, only that most work for any real-world application I need, aside from the ZSE41 I mentioned for the reasons I stated, with no need for modifications. So...if that's a concern, the original poster may need to ignore additional models I mentioned. Good luck!

PS - I was also just reminded of this device that may be interesting to you as well:

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