Window AC automation

Hey everyone!,
I just purchased my HE a few days ago to replace my Samsung ST hub. I'm really excited about the freedom that HE offers. I've got a lot to learn but I can see the potential to configure HE making it a much better fit for my needs. I am working on running my window AC units with outlet controllers and temps from motion sensors in the corresponding rooms. I have two issues that I'm having trouble with that I'm looking for some help on.

The first is that I have created a Virtual thermostat for each room and was hoping to set the cooling set point and have rule machine compare that vs the temp in the motion sensor, if then on power to the outlet, else off. I can't seem to get RM to reference the coolant Set Point(SP). I've only been able to get it to compare the temp of the Virtual Thermostat. I can change this value but not within a dashboard. Does anyone have some advise to achieving what I want to do?

Secondly the Motion sensors to save power don't refresh as often as I would like to keep the rooms at a steady temp. I was looking into dedicated thermo devices but haven't been able to find on that checks the temp often enough. I would be open to plug in sensors if they checked more often. Can anyone suggest some options.

for setting the motion sensor to be the temperature of the virtual thermostat.

For controlling the AC
virtual thermostat state changed

if virtual thermostat state is cooling
turn on AC
turn off AC
end if

For the motion sensor, I cheat and people will tell you this might eat batteries, but my sensors have been doing this for a year without a new battery...
motion sensor temp changed
if VT_coolSP>motion sensor-1.25 and VT_coolSP<motion sensor+1.25
repeat every 10 min (cancel)
refresh motion sensor
end repeat
Stop repeating
end if