Will you/or can add support for EVA LOGIK ZW31S In-Wall Switch?

Try to us this device but Hubitat not finding. I did a factory reset and tried to include again, no luck.

Looks like it should pair as a generic zwave dimmer. If the standard inclusion isn't working for you, it appears that it also supports the Smart Start method for inclusion.


Out of box, newly connected.
I used the z-wave tool to try and search for the switch.
Was not found !
(It is not found in supported devices)
Using the menu in Hubitat add device I am not finding anything to do with “smartstart”.
Please enlighten me as to how to do this.

Even if Hubitat doesn't have a built-in driver for it, it should still find it as a z-wave device to which you can later assign the driver of your choice.

If your hub doesn't find it, it suggests one of the following:

  1. The switch is not in inclusion mode
  2. The switch is out of range for the hub's z-wave radio
  3. The hub is not in inclusion mode
  4. The hub's z-wave radio is borked, and needs to be power-cycled

1 and 2 are much more likely than 3 and 4.


Smartstart is in the Hubitat phone app for C7 hubs only.

This device should work, and I have seen people on here using it. It also is a cousin to other smart switches that are commonly in use. So I don't think it is a compatibility issue.

Is this the very first Z-wave device you are trying to add to your hub? Have you successfully added a Z-wave device to your hub previously?

If this is a C7 hub, did you go to Settings tab, Z-wave details, and look for a button "Update Firmware" in that menu? If you don't have that button in the Z-wave details, you are up to date with the Z-wave radio firmware.

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I would add that just because it is not SPECIFICALLY listed as a supported device, doesn't mean that it won't work. Eva Logik is pretty common (and has products under other names, such as Minoston) so it should work, even if only with one of the generic zwave drivers (if a device specific driver isn't found). I have four or five Minoston devices that all paired as Eva Logik devices. As @thebearmay may suggested, look for the generic Zwave dimmer and start there.


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