Will Tradfri Plug Repeat for ALL zigbee?

I know I need tradfri plug or extender for aqara devices, but I am wondering do they also repeat for all other non-aqara devices?

All devices on the zigbee network with which it has been paired, yes. If you have more than 1 zigbee network it will not repeat for all of them.


Yes, they do effectively repeat any Zigbee signal that is paired to the same Zigbee net, regardless of the brand or type of device.

They are very good and cost-effective, Zigbee repeaters.

(The dedicated Tradfri standalone repeater is effective as well, but less powerful as the plug/outlet.)

I paired a tradfri plug , put it in the same room as the aqara sensor and it flat would not pair. I put the smartthings plug back and it does pair but does not work!

I did follow the instructions for pairing, press button for 5 secs, nothing happens

Not sure what I could be doing wrong. I also removed my other smart things plug in a near room and replaced it with a tradfri.

Aqara sensors have a small Led to signal status when pairing. What does it show?

It blinks after 5 seconds, pairs, then nothing.

Are you using the correct driver for the sensor?

Are you hitting Configure once the sensor is recognized?