Will this work

Will this rule work by itself or should I make one in simple lighting as well?
Excuse my stupid question but I'm a beginner

Welcome to hubitat! In order to know if the rule will do what you want it to do, you have to tell us what you are trying t accomplish. What are you trying to do with this rule? Are you trying to turn these lights at a particular time every day? If so, I would look at a Trigger or a Rule Machine 4.0 rule instead of a Rule Machine 3.0 Rule. These would be more appropriate to have events happen at a specific time.

Thanks for your reply, I'll take a closer look at Rule Machine 4.

The Rule will run at 22:00 and start the 4 Timers as well as turn off that last Row of devices. As each timer completes, that row of devices will turn off.

Your use of Time Between is a result of using a Rule vs a Trigger. The 16 mins does nothing. You could use Time Between 22:00 and 22:00 and it would be the same. The 16 min does not hurt the rule, but it implies you think the Conditions must overlap (bookend) the delays.

RuleMachine v4 eliminates the distinctions between Rule and Trigger and Triggered Rule by offering ONLY a Trigger. That would be 22:00. Then you would use an IF-THEN for your list of days of the week. The THEN part would be very similar to the Actions, then you'd end it all with an END-IF.

Thus IF day = Monday (etc.) THEN do all the delays and lights off.
IF day = Friday/Saturday THEN do nothing.


I super simplified your list of delays and lights down to just one... but you already grasped that concept. :smiley:

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