Will this work to easily move a device from one hub to another?

If I have a zwave device I want to remove from my C7 and join to my C5, can I

  1. Create a virtual device
  2. Use the swap apps device to swap it with the actual device
  3. Unpair with C7 and Pair to C5
  4. Use Hub Mesh to share device back to the C7
  5. Use the swap apps device to swap it again with the virtual device?

Are there any downsides to using the swap apps device?

Also, I have 2 battery powered Zigbee devices I want to move from the C7 to the C5 because I have no Zigbee repeaters. Could I do this same process with them?

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I've done exactly that a time or two, and it worked flawlessly. I don't think the swap process cares if it's a zigbee or z-wave devices.

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Not so much a down-side, but a limitation - Swap apps doesn't work w/child devices. I don't think that will affect you from your description.

Yes, you can use it w/mains powered or battery powered devices.

So, can I use my spare C8 to add devices, while sitting at my computer where the C8 and the new device are close together, and then move that new device to my main C8 device that is in the attic? I will not be keeping the spare C8 powered and will only use it for adding new devices.

No because they are talking about sharing the device via hub mesh, the hub the device is paired to would need to be running for it to work.

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