Will there be built-in drivers for the new Shelly 'Plus' modules?

Just wondering when the built-in drivers for the new 'plus' modules (eg shelly plus 1pm) will be available.

The existing ones don't work well for the new modules and Evilborg created some great community ones which serve as a good interim but require manually adding the webhooks and they don't seem to work as realiably/consistently.

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They rarely announce their future plans (but I don’t speak for the company).

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Difficult decision, should I stop using Shelly or should I stop using Hubitat because I have the feeling there will be no support for the new devices. I don't get the impression that Hubitat has a high priority to integrate Shelly devices, too bad because the current system drivers are very good

I actually ended up taking out some new shelly devices and replacing with older versions so they would be more stable. Really hoping hubitat develop official drivers for the new ones soon :crossed_fingers:t2:

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