Will it disrupt my network to move the hub?

Workers are putting in a new floor. When they get to the room where my hub is I can either shut it down and fire it back up when they finish, OR I could move it to the other end of my house. How much would a move like that disrupt things?

Are you moving it back shortly after? If so just shut it down and go without.

If you move it, your entire mesh (ZW and ZB) will need to rebuild/recreate all new routes back to the hub. If you do move, make sure to do a Z-wave repair at the new location. Also I would leave it off for 10 minutes. Your ZB mesh will "wig out" and start looking for new routes. They will all find the hub once it comes back online.


Thanks, I thought as much. It would only be down for 15 minutes or so. I have a good backup and I will shut it down first