Will Hubitat support Matter? [Spoiler: YES]

Now that Matter has been officially released, can we expect support for it on Hubitat?


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Yea it's probably better than Z-Wave/Zigbee (so was Betamax over VHS). But I'm not about to get rid of thousands of dollars in devices and I'm a strong believer in "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".


Now that they are a part of the consortium, is there yet to be published about their perposed roll in Matter?

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There seems little reason to get rid of devices.

Silicon Labs has said it is providing bridge software that can bridge Z-Wave and Zigbee and this will be part of its Unify SDK. See, e.g., Bridging Non-Matter Devices to a Matter Network - Silicon Labs

And see: Matter Development Platform Simplifies IoT Ecosystem - Silicon Labs (" Our Unify SDK software development platform for Matter provides the environment and the tools needed for developers to bridge Matter to other IoT platforms, including Wi-Fi, Zigbee and Z-Wave.").

Currently, I'm using Homebridge to work with my Apple devices, the Google Home integration for my Google Hubs, and in the past, the Alexa integration. All have various degrees of support, all requiring work for Hubitat to update. What I see as an "ideal" situation would be if Hubitat could use the Silicon-labs provided SDK / Bridge to now support bridging existing Z-wave and Zigbee devices, getting rid of the need for these various plugins with their varying degrees of support. It seems this might also, in the long run, be less effort for Hubitat (1 Silicon Labs provided solution versus 3 independent ones).


I’d have thought that if Hubitat Implemented Thread/Matter, then we won’t need HomeBridge to act as middleware for homekit etc etc and it won’t matter what Silicon labs do or don’t do.

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Implementing thread / matter could mean many things. At its basics, it could just be that Hubitat can control thread / matter devices or have thread border router functions. This would not allow existing devices to appear on the thread / matter network. A bridging solution of some form would be needed to bring existing Zigbee / Z-wave devices onto the thread / matter network. This is where Silicon Labs necessarily comes in as they provide the Z-wave (and possibly Zigbee?) chips used in Hubitat so Hubitat is necessarily already using their SDK. The point I was making was that Hubitat already has to work with that SDK and, if Silicon Labs can pull it off successfully, it looks like they may be handing over the bridging software for others to use. Since they make this SDK public, it may already be on their github GitHub - SiliconLabs/UnifySDK

I suspect its quite a bit too early for Hubitat to figure out what they will be doing (at least in the short term), but there's a lot of possibilities here.

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Sure when matter standards are actually nailed down and deployed instead of being currently vaporware...


Typically, Hubitat doesn't talk about what they are doing behind the scenes, and they don't talk about future development. Given that Matter hasn't even nailed down a standard yet, I doubt seriously you will see them discuss publicly their future roll with matter until that's on the cusp of being released.


Well, they sort of have. Matter 1.0 was released last week.


I was not aware, thanks! However that doesn't change that typically Hubitat doesn't discuss future development plans, other than to maybe say yes we will or no we wont support something and do not elaborate on specific rolls or time lines for development or implementation.
I'm still firmly in the camp that says matter isn't going to live up to the hype, and will ultimately just be another competing standard. There are too many big names (Apple, Google, and Amazon) that don't like to play with others are driving a large part of it's development. In the end I expect it will be a cloud dependent standard. Why would they invest in it if they cant mine the data it produces?

Still vaporware unless people truly start implementing it in earnest.


I feel that Matter has had some really poor expectation management, given the nature of what it really is trying to do.

The single app pane of glass stuff is not going to happen, because that's not really the goal, but I am hopeful that it allows a few holes in the walled gardens to allow more device choice.


For me, Hubitat has always been about privacy and personal control of your home's automation. Cloud integrations exist, but they have always been a user's choice and HE has significant functionality without ever needing to touch cloud based devices or services.

With this in mind, I would be more excited to see Hubitat support Lutron LEAP, while leaving Matter to Apple, Google, Amazon. I agree with @lcw731, big tech will want to mine the data.


Matter would be local. That said I would think an apple unit as an edge router would be preferable as far as data retention but who knows


Matter would may be local, or that is my take on it anyway. It might be too early to tell if Amazon or Google devices will sniff out things on your network, and as a courtesy to the user (Ha Ha), automatically add devices to their ecosystems.

At the very least it would not surprise me if they turned that automatically without telling the end user (release notes will say: bug fixes), and you had to dig through 37 different menus to "disable" that feature. (Narrator voice: it really isn't disabled even though it says so)


Joining the alliance, and at the same time calling it vaporware kinda contradicts itself. I completely understand that there are a lot of things to iron out before going all in, but in general, a small press release at the time of joining the consortium is usually pretty standard and is usually expected.

Vaporware, perhaps, but don't put your name on it, and just leave it at that, there is some , even small commitment already made.


Hubitat staff haven't called Matter vaporware. At least not in the last several months (if ever); indeed Matter has clearly been on their radar as indicated by Hubitat Inc. becoming a CSA member.


Agree, I do not belive it is, nore do I have evidence that it could be, but I was just replying a reply to my question.

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