Will a group activate devices if the same command is sent - Example: Group On when Group thinks it is on?

I have a couple of really old Z-wave switches, and a few crappy Sengled bulbs, that don't always respond to commands. So when I tell them to turn off, and they don't receive the command, I tell the group to turn off again a few minutes later. However, I am not sure if this will cause the command to go out to the bulb a second time?

If a Group is on or off and it receives a command that matches its current state will it send out the signal? Thanks.

If you mean group as in a group set by the Groups and scene app then you can turn off on/off optimization and it will then always send the command.


For a group created by Room Lighting, the answer is "probably." The Activator device will send on/off commands to the underlying devices regardless of its current state. However, apps building on top of the Activator likely won't send a "useless" command if the state of the Activator already appears to be correct.