Will a 12a smart plug (centralite) work on this dryer?

Does this mean my dryers only 6a and my washer 10a?

my dryers only 6a and my washer 10a?

That's what the labels indicate. Your dryer is a gas dryer, so electricity is basically only used to run the motor that rotates the drum.

I have a similar washer on a 15A Samsung plug and it has been fine for >2 years.

The grand plan always was to replace the 15A Samsung plug with something more robust like a Zooz Zen15, when it died. But it hasn't died yet.

Should even “waste” a somewhat valuable highish amp rated centralite on the dryer? The 12a one will be right next to it so the zwave signal won’t matter. Should I try to find a cheaper one for the dryer?

No. I would recommend leaving a high quality outlet. When motors start, they usually have an inrush current that is much higher than the steady state draw. Your 12A outlet will be used well.

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Thx, do you use a app to monitor laundry? Which do you recommend

I use Node-RED. There are lots of rules posted - l'm tagging @bertabcd1234 and @ogiewon because they have both posted suitable rules, and I cannot search for them easily on my phone.

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There’s also that “better laundry monitor” app I saw


Here's my laundry rule that @aaiyar was thinking about:

Or in text in case anyone finds that more helpful (screenshot in the link above):

Trigger events: Power level of Washing Machine Plug reports >= 30.0

Actions to run:

Wait for event: Power level of Washing Machine Plug <= 20.0
Wait for event: --> elapsed time: 0:01:00
Speak on TTS device: "The washing machine is done!"
Notify notification device: "The washing machine is done!"

You may need to adjust the power levels and the wait time to match what your washing machine actually does or how your smart plug reports, but that's the general idea (and what works for my particular case).