[WIKI] C8 Migration - Apps and integrations that require attention following a migration

So as the title says, I thought it may be helpful if there was a post regarding specific steps needed to get various popular cloud apps working correctly again after migration to C8. Petes brief video mentions going into each and clicking 'Done'. @bertabcd1234 doc mentions disabling apps on the C7 prior to the cloud backup. I updated last night and found some apps working, some need intervention. Those who don't understand the intricacies of how various integrations connect with oAuth, maker etc (I'm including myself in this 'don't understand' group) may be in need of assistance. I'll start with what I've found/learned so far. Apps I expected not to work are working and some I expected to work were not (though possibly through my user error)

As each device is tied/addressed to the hub location ID, the new hub will need to be authorised on the Sharptools platform. Currently it will be necessary to recreate dashboards - bummer.

The SharpTools team is actively looking at updating their own migration tool to handle this: Hubitat Migration Tool - SharpTools Knowledge Base

HD+ (maker api)
For me this didn't work initially and I was struggling to grasp how I could change the maker api token and then restore my dashboards from a backup (the backup would contain the old token and therefore not work). The easy way was to resolve this was to:

  • Create a new maker api token
  • Download a backup of the dashboard config to PC
  • Replace the old token in the config file with the new using notepad
  • Upload the revised backup config to the hub file manager
  • At the tablet restore the revised config from hub file manager

I'm not sure whether I could've got it working again without changing the maker api token - others may have managed.

HubiVue (maker api)
This also uses maker api. Strangely it still works without intervention. I'm a little confused over why this continued to work normally but HD+ needed me to make changes (which is why I started this thread)

Home Connect
This didn't work. The redirect url that is entered in the Home Connect developer portal at first set up is no longer valid. I had to:

  • Open the Home Connect Integration
  • Copy the redirect url
  • Login to the Home Connect Developer Portal
  • Find the app I registered originally and click edit
  • Paste over the revised redirect url and save (Client ID and Secret remain unchanged)
  • Wait 15 mins then re run the Home Connect integration and go through the normal connection process - logging in and selecting my appliance

Thin Q Integration
This isn't working for me. I've yet to look at what's needed but it's always been a bit flakey for me and I'm considering replacing it with a couple of contacts and a temperature sensor (it's just for my fridge/freezer)

Node Red (via Maker API)
Again I'm not sure why but this has continued to work normally. All of my flows are mqtt to hubitat controlling virtual devices that I use in rule machine. Everything currently seems to be working normally without intervention.

If your Hub IP has been changed you will need to edit the config in Node-Red to point to the new IP in order to send any info back to Hubitat.

If the C8 has the same IP address as the C7, Hubigraphs should work fine. If not, you'll need to revoke and re-enable authentication for anything that requires it.

Google Home (built in system app)
May need to go into the Google Home app, go through the menu to discover devices from your hub, then log in and select the new hub. Devices should sync back up.

Google Home Community

  • Use Instructions as guide: [Alpha] Community-maintained Google Home integration
  • Open "Setting Up" section of post (or use GitHub page)
  • Section: Creating the Google smart home Action
  • Click Link in Step 1
  • Use the steps listed to find your existing Smart Home Actions (do not need to make a new one)
  • Step 8 you need to update the fulfillment URL to use the new hub ID
  • That's in in there, can save and move on.
  • In Google Home try to discover devices on the [test] app for your integration.
  • May need to log in to Hubitat and select the new hub.

Echo Speaks
If you are using a cloud endpoint for the callback URL (most people are) then you will probably need to log into the echo-speaks-server and correct the callback URL to have the new Hub ID. It may be easiest for some to go in through the Echo Speaks app, reset the cookie server settings, and then set it up again following the instructions in the App.

Works as before transitioning to C8 when you update Hubitat IP in interface dialog.


Good thinking. I converted your post into a WIki so that others can contribute to your list.


Nice positive response to the situation you faced.

If I notice anything next week I will try and remember to add to this Wiki...


Thanks I had this bookmarked to come back to and add a post but now I just edited the main post to include the system and community Google Home integrations. Also added a note to the Node Red to update the Hub IP in the NR config. I do not think that will update by itself. Added Echo Speaks section.


FWIW, this list will be true of any Hub Protect migration, and not specific to the C8.

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