Wifi strip lights to Hubitat directly

Hi - I know this is a daft question, but i have read so many posts and got myself in a tizz I though I would just ask.

I purchased the following LED strips on a super fast and cheap amazon lightning deal (as I could not find any cheaper zigbee ones at the time). I Can get them to work with Google Home direct, and could use IFTTT but was wondering if anyone has got either of these working direct with Hubitat?

First one is Tuya Smart Life:

Second is Govee:

I have found drivers for Tuya (I think) that require a firmware flash / node.js but cannot find how to flash or how to set up the separate node.js server (could this be done on my NAS for example)

I have been reading through: [RELEASE] H801 & Other ESP8266 Based RGBW Controllers (SmartLife) but don't know how to flash the firmware or if it is right for these devices (having bricked things before)?

I know I should just save up and get some zigbee lights in the future, or is there a zigbee controller that'll just plug and play into existing LEDs?

I could just use Google Home or IFTTT but Hubitat for me is about keeping the house working even if the internet goes down.

Am I just over complicating myself to save a few pence?

Any help/advice is appreciated.

Saddly tuya smart life stuff dont work localy and some communty drives use to work courently none i know of work today

The SmartLifeRGBW works great with Hubitat. That is how all of my light strips are controlled using a H801 using the SmartLifeRGBW firmware, app and drivers.

Hi @aaron,

Thanks for your reply. A quick google shows I can buy H801 controllers for less than £10 or $10 from ebay and solder the led strip to that. Is that correct? Is there any instructions anywhere on how to install the firmware?

And I assume I also need to find suitable power supply?

Many thanks in advance.

Here is @ericm app/driver for hubitat: Hubitat/ at master · erocm123/Hubitat · GitHub

Here is a vid to get you going: https://youtu.be/3Kg_-bmBErM

You can find the H801 on AliExpress, eBay or Banggood for a good price. Usually $3-8 depending on sales.

You don’t need to solder anything btw. Simple install. And yes you do need a power supply. If you did what I did with my cabinets where you have multiple power injection points then you are better off getting a power bridge or unit verses the standard power supply.

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I'm not that familiar with this subject.

Do the Govee lights work with Hubitat? I have 3 of them.

The Govee work via WiFi and Bluetooth.


Maybe. Most WiFi devices are not natively supported.

If they can be flashed with tasmota firmware, then you should be able to get them working. It is possible to brick your device when flashing any custom firmware, just FYI.

Hubitat doesn’t have a Bluetooth radio, so that won’t help.

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