WiFi Retry if no WiFi available

I have a C5 that is in another building on my property using WiFi to mesh and be able to monitor stuff at that building. One problem I've encountered is that when we have a power lose, my WiFi is very long to come back on line and actually longer than what the C5 needs to boot and try to connect to the WiFi. The problem is when the WiFi network it's trying to find is not available it seems to just stop trying and does nothing network wise (all local automations on that hub still work). This has nothing to do with a lost connection, if that happens (like if I reboot the rooter), it will rejoin afterwards.

So what I would like to see is that if no network is detected at boot up, could Hubitat retry to find that network instead of just giving up or whatever it's doing or not doing. So that I don't have to go to that building and reboot the hub everytime :frowning:


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You could write a rule that gracefull rebooted the hub if it lost wifi connectivity for X minutes... not as good as a retry but it would have the same effect.


Thought of that one but like you said, not as good. I might just do it this way until a fix comes out.

My guess is that the hub isn't getting a timely return from its DHCP inquiry and has to assign itself a 169.254.x.x address. No way that I know of, short of a reboot, to force it to do an inquiry at that point though.

That's why I asked it in the Feature Requests section, this is basic stuff for all portable devices and many non portable devices also. Always search for known networks if you are not connected to WiFi, This should not be to hard to implement but then again I might be mistaking.

I'll tag @gopher.ny since I believe he was responsible for getting WiFi implemented in the first place.

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Will check it out. I've noticed this behavior on the new (to me) eero setup. It used to reconnect quickly when the network ran on a primitive Optimum supplied router before.


Would be an excellent idea if a variable could be user selected that allowed the Hubitat hub to simply wait X minutes before attempting to get an IP address. Essentially, just a little pause in the boot process. It would take longer for the overall boot process to run, but it might solve a lot of these problems. Having it user-selectable would allow everyone to do whatever they wished, from no delay to, say, 10 or 15 minutes.

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