Wifi password - Coding Issue - HTML Rewrite


Upon submission of a wifi password using the < symbol it changess it to the HTML format of < which makes the password invalid. This is a simple code check that doesnt appear to be checking correctly.

Hubitat Elevation® Platform Version --
Hardware Version -- Rev C-7

Browsers tried
IE 11 - Accessing the Settings directs you to

This happens only when attempting to access settings which appears to be coded differently than the rest of the front facing code set.

Going to the direct page http://192.xxx.xxx.xxx/installedapp/configure/4/mainPage
still redirects you to the above re-written url.

Firefox 93.0 -- Access Network settings possible, but still rewrites the password field when using <
Google Chrome 92.0.4515.159 -- Same as Firefox 93.0
Microsoft Edge 96.0.1054.43 -- ditto
Opera 82.0.4227.23 -- ditto
Netscape 8.0.1 -- Ditto (no suprise there, but you can manage the rest of the site just fine)

(posted to prove the point that the code is the issue)

Oh that's nasty -- @gopher.ny needs to look into this


Thank you for your feedback. While there is merit to review the code, please note that IE and Netscape are not supported browsers. We support Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari. The UI will break in other places when using IE, for example.

@bobbyD cough yeah I am aware of that, it was kinda a joke.. Netscape 8.01 is about what May 2005 .. IE 11 is technically wont EOL until June 15, 2022.. but we all are aware that its been beat to death like my copy of Leisure Suit Larry. I did as you can see above note that current versions of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, are borked as well. (I hate Safari .. love those NeXT Cubes but they ran Netscape. ) .... Running into issues with the HTML rewrite.. the point being that whatever is broken is pretty fundamental and should have probably been caught in code review.. but like writing code for MUDs it gets a little spaghetti and a ' here a < there and well.. things get missed..... Cheers.. long live SneezyMud ...