Wifi Drivers (Beta) In Network Settings?

I see from another post that being able to connect the hub to your router via WiFi has been around since at least Jan 21. I just stumbled across it today, but can't seem to find much information on it. Even some reviews after that date don't seem to mention it.

Is there a source of information for this feature?

It is described in the official Hubitat documentation.



Thanks, I don't know why I didn't see that. I guess I was looking for something exclusively on wifi.

I already have a TP-Link adapter sitting around, so I'm getting the necessary cable to give it a shot. Hopefully it's a good sign I didn't see a lot of community posts on the topic. The only thing I saw was a question about how to go back to Ethernet, but posts were hard to find due to finding posts about people trying to connect wifi devices for Hubitat to control.

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Maybe I should have been more specific and asked for pages discussing issues. :wink:

I shut off my hub, installed the new cable, waited 30 seconds to plug back in, then when the hub rebooted I tried to install the wifi drivers. The page reports "working on it" for over 30 minutes and through a reboot.

The log indicates: "java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out on line 369 (method handleInstallWiFi)"

What has gone wrong and how can I fix it. The hub seems to be working okay otherwise.

Been a while since I did it, but I believe I installed the drivers while on the wired connection and then powered down to do the cable swap.

But it doesn't seem like the drivers installed. You're supposed to hit install and then confirm installation. Then enter the wifi information (which I can't do).

A TP-Link, or the required one?

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I'm not even to the point of connecting the adapter, but it's a different one, a tp-link AC1300 I had lying around. That was a potential problem I was aware of.

I just for the first time on my C5 installed the Wifi drivers. It spun for maybe 4-5 seconds, then the message confirmed they were installed.

Did you try a power-down from the settings menu, pull the plug from the wall for a minute, and try again?

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I did a reboot, but not a power down (other than the power down I did before starting). I'll try that.

If that doesn't work I'm considering a soft reset.

I would bet that you need a power cycle. The WiFi driver is probably installed as a kernel module for the underlying OS (Linux). I don't know if a reboot only restarts the hub platform or both the underlying OS and the platform.

OTOH, a power-cycle will definitely restart both.

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Power cycle did not do it. :frowning:

One thing the power cycle did do was allow the cancel button to work. I'll now consider trying to install a second time.

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