Wifi Dog Door

I recently changed my dog door with a newer version with Wifi. Was just wondering if anyone knows of any driver or integration method for this specific wifi dog door.


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Hubitat is a hub with a can do attitude :slight_smile: BUT that gets mitigated by what the manufacturers 'permit'. They will often keep their protocol under wraps, forcing a reverse engineering cycle. However, there's almost no incentive to reverse engineer one of these devices because the audience for all that effort is too small.

If there's an API for the device, then you'll want to stand to the side as developers stampede to get a driver built. :smiley: No API published... it's not likely to get a driver. :frowning:

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Of course csteel is correct. However as much of a long shot it is, I would tell the MFG your goal and ask them for additional information. Historically this type of help is unlikely but it doesn't hurt to ask.

You got my curious about this one because I have been talking about getting my parents a Hubitat and some home automation set up when they move into their next house and a pet door is one item that sparked their interest.

I emailed the company asking if the device has a status/control webpage or if there is an API. If they come back with anything useful I would be willing to take a shot at a driver for it. The phone app MUST be communicating with the device somehow... but like @csteele said, reverse engineering that is a step I probably would not be willing to do (especially lacking one of the doors).

@JohnRob is also correct though... probably only about half of the companies I contact for more information respond and half of those that do are unwilling to provide any information (but there is still that 1/4).

FWIW, I asked them months ago. Tech support said they would ask the developers and get back to me. Crickets.

I haven't had the ambition to put wireshark on it to see if I could figure out the API, but do have an installed/functional door to test any driver that someone develops.....

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That does not entirely surprise me... I checked their site more and their "latest news" is from 2015. If your business does not have any news in 6 years... But we can be hopeful. Heck, you just doubled the current audience for it!

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They are most definitely home and still in business. Our first door from them lasted 10 years, with a footnote that I had to change out three micro-switches two years ago because they started getting flaky. The outside ultrasonic microphone started having issues in the snow/rain. When I went to their web site to order the part, I saw the new wifi door and ordered it just because. Parts are readily available for the older doors, and I believe that they are still offering a refurb option for older doors.

The only function that I need for my use is to be able to turn the door off/on based on lightning strike events, although it would also be nice to have open/close alerts. Our OCD psycho weather dog goes bolting to the door whenever he hears thunder, and will stand out on the deck in pouring rain trying to bite the lightning bolts. Lord knows that I have enough lightning sensors around the house/yard, and I might as well put them to work keeping our knucklehead dry.....

The SurePet Pet Door does have a Hubitat integration by Dominic Meglio (@dman2306) that is great, and the product is great. You have it learn your pet's microchip, and it unlocks when the pet is by the door. You need to make sure to get the Hub, too, and the Connect version that will talk with the Hub. You can set curfew (unlock and lock times), and, at curfew time, it prevents pets from going out and only lets known microchips in. During the day, a microchipped pet can go in or out. Of course, you can lock it and prevent any entry/exit.

The Hubitat pet door integration can be installed via Hubitat Package Manager.

Good to know. In that case it is very similar to the "SuperFeeder". It is an automatic (not WiFi, just runs for X time when it gets power) pet feeder we use for our cats. Their site is archaic, the devices do not appear to have changed much, but they work quite well at what they are meant for.

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I don't have the wifi version of this door, I have the older one. I made my own transmitter collars for this door because I was tired of the dogs tearing them up and costing $50 per dog having 3 of them. After getting frustrated with the collars I installed a wemos D1 mini in the door with tasmota installed. I can use a button on my dashboard to open and close the door at will. Then I took a sonoff switch (basic) and solder wires to the push button switch to a mat on the inside and a ramp with a push button switch on the outside so the dogs and get in and out just by standing in front of the door. NO MORE COLLARS!!!! The ramp or mat is triggered, hubitat see the http hook and turns on the switch to open the door for 5 secs. Works great. I am thinking about changing the door triggers to motion detection in the future or if I can pull it off a radio tag like they use at walmart to catch shoplifters. That way there isn't batteries and you can specifically allow only certain dogs through the door. If the dogs are chipped, then you can use that to trigger the door with their id numbers.

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I'm just going to leave this right here, with a footnote that a telnet to the door's IP and port 3000 accepted and performed a few of the documented JSON commands that I threw at our High Tech Pet door (purchased from hitecpet.com):


Although the lack of security is scary, at least it DOES have local control with no cloud dependency!

It sends this JSON status message out every ~5 seconds when connected via telnet:


I am not going to apply the firmware update, in case they clamped down on the open port with no auth.....

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This is a great finding. Someone can work an hubitat integration with this info.

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