WiFi device support or no WiFi device support?

I'm very confused. Some videos I watch say hubitat will not work with wifi, and some videos say it works with WiFi, Zigbee and Z-Wave. The guy I usually listen to said you can connect wifi devices....so I bought the hub. So far though, I have found no way to add my many wifi devices. And I can find no answers on here. Only the same bit of confusion. Can you use hubitat with wifi devices?

List your WiFi devices (brand/model) and you'll get your answers if there is any kind of integration or not.


This is the compatible device list, devices marked as LAN or Integration as their Protocol can be wired and/or wifi devices. In short, yes some wifi devices are supported, but very much so not all.


Yeah unlike z-wave and ZigBee you can't just put WiFi or LAN and WLAN devices in the same boat. ZigBee and z-wave are built to standards and a designed to work with other devices. Where as cheap WiFi devices it all depends on the manufacturer. Allot of them want you to go through their ecosystem so they can monetize you, advantage being they are Cheap cons being they are cloud dependant and if they go down your device becomes a brick.

For this reason Hubitat don't concentrate on integrations like this as they prefer fast, reliable and local.

So it all depends on your equipment your trying to get joined.

They're are a load of local WiFi devices and LAN based systems which they do support.


Depends on the WiFi device and whether it has an API that can be used. Here are some WiFi devices that can be connected to over the local LAN:

TP-Link Kasa devices
LIFX light bulbs
YeeLight light bulbs
Sonos speakers

And there are many others.

So I would echo @eibyer's advice - list your WiFi devices for an accurate answer.


Which guy is that?

If he wasn’t able to explain what everyone else here has said (it depends on the WiFi device because each manufacturer is different), start watching someone else’s YouTube channel :grin:.


Thank you! That is so incredibly helpful!


For sure.

Just be aware that there are additional WiFi devices that have been added by community integrations, and are not on that official list.


The Hubitat Hub has neither WiFi or a WiFi access point built in. This is what some people mean when they say Hubiotat doesn't support WiFi. But if you have a WiFi network that has an Ethernet connection for Hubitat then you are in business and WiFi can support a range of WiFi attached devices but you need to check each one specifically.


Yes, you can! :+1:

When your Hubitat is connected to a WiFi router (I'm using FritzBox) it's a very reliable thing.

Personally I choose WiFi for power supplied devices, and Zigbee for battery devices.

Cave at: I would recommend WiFi devices with an open API (e.g. from Shelly), so in case of no "official" device driver for Hubitat you can easily integrate the devices nevertheless.

I do the exact same thing. Much easier to troubleshoot WiFi than Zigbee IMO.

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